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  1. streetfighterken

    Does Virtua Tennis 3 support 4 players?

    Anyone know?
  2. streetfighterken

    WTB: Sega I/O (jamma edge)

    WTB: Sega I/O (jamma edge)
  3. streetfighterken

    Compatible hard drive options?

    My Rambo is starting to freeze on the exact same spot in the attract movie so I'm thinking the HDD is bad. Do I need to find an identical drive on ebay? Or are there other options/criteria? Not interested in SSD. I do have the original DVD and have already researched compatible usb dvd drives...
  4. streetfighterken

    Need pot value for Nanao MS8-29 BIAS VR102

    This is the second chassis that this pot has literally just fallen apart of its own volition.
  5. streetfighterken

    WTB Lindbergh JVS baseboard pci card

    Specifically the 2007 revision without the supercap. Found in RED EX Rambo and Harley Davidson. Needs to be verified to save game settings. They may test working I/O, but further testing is necessary for saving settings. I already have 2 that don't save :(
  6. streetfighterken

    WTB Sega Lindbergh motherboard

    Red or Yellow. I really only need the mobo+cpu but tell me what you have regardless.
  7. streetfighterken

    Are Lindbergh motherboards interchangeable?

    Suspected bad motherboard in my Red EX. According to this, Red is possibly lower-end? Does that mean a Yellow may work in my Red? I would be using all other components from my Red (hdd, cards, ram).
  8. streetfighterken

    WTB: Lindbergh Red motherboard

    WTB Lindbergh Red motherboard
  9. streetfighterken

    WTB: Contra PCB

    Have pcbs to trade.
  10. streetfighterken

    3-in-1 Pandora Gun Kit: House of the Dead 3, Aliens, Farcry

    $475 Shipped Paypal Goods Games are: House of the Dead 3 Aliens Extermination Farcry Paradise Lost All are 4:3 480p Kit did not come with enclosures to hide the gun base. I had them custom made. Mount to any surface. I believe you can buy the whole cabinet on AliExpress but I could be wrong...
  11. streetfighterken

    What's the procedure for adjusting IR gun sensors?

    In the test menu. Not sure how to operate it. My situation is that the crosshair gets wonky and jumps around in the lower 25% of the screen.
  12. streetfighterken

    Game settings won't save!

    I picked up a Rambo for a great price. Super stoked until realizing no settings save. The stokeness turned into sadness ;( NOTHING saves. Main menu like coin assignments, nor in-game settings. It does not even save if I exit settings into the game without power off -- so I can't even set them...
  13. streetfighterken

    WTB: Sega I/O jamma

    The one with jamma edge. Thanks!
  14. streetfighterken

    CPS3 too sharp?

    I have an Astro City with a really sharp/nice monitor. CPS2 looks great. CPS3 is *too* sharp, resulting in artifacts. Anyone experience this?
  15. streetfighterken

    Ikaruga & Guilty Gear AC Naomi GD-ROM

    $199 - Ikaruga $89 $60 Shipped - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
  16. streetfighterken

    WTB: Initial D 3 card reader

    Looking for a tested working card reader. I will be excite.
  17. streetfighterken

    Who can make/fix MVS conversions?

    I have this Dodgeball conversion and the music is F'd on it. Sent it out to a dude on ebay who sells conversions and it still has issues. Anyone reliable here? I'd actually like to make it Twinkle Star Sprites.
  18. streetfighterken

    WTB: Initial D 3 player cards

    WTB: Initial D 3 player cards
  19. streetfighterken

    [SOLD] WWF Wrestlefest pcb and art kit

    - Working pcb - 3P/4P kick harnesses - CPO (NOS) - Marquee (repro) $265 shipped paypal f&f or add 3%