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  1. DarthMig

    RingEdge 2 Sata Adapter Recommendations

    Hey guys I just got my RingEdge 2 and want to image the ssd for it. Can you guys recommend usb sata adapters that are known to work for imaging and locking the ssd for RE2. Hopefully adapters that are easly and currently still avaible for purchase, but ill take all recommendations.
  2. DarthMig

    CPS3 simm error

    Hey guys I finally got all the parts that I need and time to setup my cps3 multi. My board came with 5 simm's pre-installed. Ran into some issues. When I tried to install any of the games I would immediately get "There is not enough memory installed..." error. In Darksoft multicart menu I...
  3. DarthMig

    PANA Custom Long supergun edge connector

    Any of you guys here know where i can find the edge connector for a PANA Custom Long supergun. Some help would be really appreciated. I found two Japanese sites that sell superguns and one no longer sells them and other not sure is they do or not. I emailed them last week and have not heard...
  4. DarthMig

    CPS2 EEprom Programming Question

    Hope somebody can answer this question for me. Prob a stupid questions. I look through the forum and did not find anything about this. So i have a Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (orange) board that was pheonixed/avalaunched. I want to bring back to original roms with a infinikey. I noticed that it...
  5. DarthMig

    [WTB] CPS2 Shell looking to purchase

    I am looking for a CPS2 shell. Both A and B board shells. Any color would be fine. In good condition, no crack. But does not have to be scratch free. If somebody would sell me one i would appreciate it. PM me please and let me know how much.
  6. DarthMig

    EPROM Programmer Recommendations

    Guys i am looking on EPROM programmer recommendations from the community. Iam looking to program some cps2 eproms. What would be a good one that wont break the bank. I currently have a TL866 but the M27C322 EPROMs were not listed in the supported eproms list and it did not fit either.
  7. DarthMig

    Positive feed back for CB_of_Luton

    Purchased a cps2 board set from @CB_of_Luton. Item was as he stated and working. Price was good. Shipped item as he stated he would. Had good experience with him. Would do business with him again. I recommend him to do business with. :thumbsup:
  8. DarthMig

    CPS2 Super Street Frighter 2 New Challenger Daughter Board

    I am looking for a Super Street Fighter 2 New Challenger daughter Board. It is model/revision 93646E-2. Can anybody help. Maybe @Darksoft or @Mitsurugi-w can provide some help.