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  1. Thchardcore

    Positive feedback for MostroVeneno

    @MostroVeneno is a very polite and honest seller. Excellent communication and couldn't be happier. Sold me a Turtles in Time PCB. Arrived fast, well packed and in exceptionally clean condition. Please have no reservations dealing with him - he is a stand up guy. Thanks again.
  2. Thchardcore

    WTB: Gradius IV PCB (Found, not here)

    Looking for original board. Possibly a conversion. The future of my happiness depends on this. Thanks
  3. Thchardcore

    19-25 CRT frame

    Hi, Have an Apple Studio 21" CRT that I am using with a line doubler. I want to use this as my main Tate monitor but the current case design does not allow for it to be laid on its side. Planning to mount everything on a wood panel and repurpose an arcade mounting frame so I have something...
  4. Thchardcore

    WTB: Gradius IV and Turtles in Time

    Looking for either/both. Thanks
  5. Thchardcore

    Donpachi - Low Volume Sound Output

    Have a Donpachi that is super clean and plays fine. Only issue is the sound output is really low. I have to have the sound pot turned all the way up to hear it. Playing it on a HAS supergun. Output to an Extron interface. No issues at all with 30 other boards. Is this normal?
  6. Thchardcore

    WTB: Ketsui and Ibara PCBs (both found)

    Let me know if you have an original board. Thanks
  7. Thchardcore

    WTB: Dodonpachi

    Last board I am still looking for. Wish I never sold mine back in 2005. Please send me an offer if interested in parting. I have a Battle Garegga PCB and a Taito F3 Multi with the Lions case available as trade bait.
  8. Thchardcore

    Dreamcast Fishing Controller

    I want one. Not paying ebay prices though.
  9. Thchardcore

    WTB: HAS Supergun PS2 Hat

    If anyone has one and wants to make some money. Thanks
  10. Thchardcore

    Donpachi Sound issue on supergun

    Has anyone tried Donpachi on their HAS? I run a aux cable out to a pair of Insignia powered bookshelf speakers. Issue is the sound effects are fine but the music is heavily distorted and low in volume. Tried board on a test bench setup and everything sounded fine. Scratching my head.
  11. Thchardcore

    WTB: Dirty F3 Conversion - Darius Gaiden

    Now that the multi has been out, does anyone have a bare cart in their closet next to their socks and stash?
  12. Thchardcore


    Offering $500 and up for this. Really want one. Might have something for trade (Tatsujin Oh!) Thanks,