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    WTB: Bee Storm PGM Cart (Conversion if possible)

    Anyone have a Bee Storm PGM conversion for sale? Lemme know Pleeeeease <3

    MiSTer FPGA - 2 Player Jamma Build

    I finally ditched the JPac since it only supported 1 player, and built a new 2 player setup for the MiSTer. Works pretty dang good! :)

    WTB: Sega C-2 Puyo Puyo PCB

    Hey there! Looking for a Puyo Puyo PCB to build a Multi on. I have a Columns, but read it's not great for doing the Multi. Anyone have one (Or another viable Sega C-2 board) for sale? Please let me know!

    Captain America and the Avengers - Data East - Issues

    I recently Acquired an Untested Captain America Board (Data East) and it has an odd issue I haven't run into before.... Upon Boot Up, you get greeted with this sort of Diagnostic Screen. The Frame Counts up, the Wait Flickers 13AB while everything else stays at Zeros. There is also a slight...

    Namco System 1 - CPU Heat Question

    I recently converted a Pac-Mania over to Splatterhouse. Upon the game being on for a minute or two, I noticed the HD68A09EP located at V3 get's very, very hot. From what I have gathered this is an obsolete chip that is not produced anymore. Is this normal for the CPU to run that hot, and if...

    WTB: Undamned USB Encoders

    Looking to buy 2 Undamned USB - DB15 USB Encoders for use on a supergun build. I can't seem to find any retailers that carry them. Anyone have 2 spars they can part with?

    WTB: Working CPS1 A-Board

    I recently got Swindled on a "Fully Working" Magic Sword Boardset (Not from this forum). The game showed up, with a 100% dead A-Board. B Board works perfectly, but all of my "Spare" A-Boards have a problem or 2. I have tried, and tried to get these extra A Boards up and running 100%, but so...

    Sega - Control Panel Glass Retainers and Glass

    I am in need of a Piece of Sega Glass and the two control panel retainers for a Naomi Universal cab. I am in the process of designing some 3D printable ones, but wanted to see if anyone had a set they weren't using. Please let me know!

    Sega - Control Panel Glass Retainers

    I have a Naomi Uni cab that did not come with the Glass or Metal Retainers that hold the glass in. I was wondering if anyone had a file for the retainer (Left and Right would be needed) before I cad one up. I know the stock ones are metal, and bend a bit, but I am thinking something could be...

    Arcade Stickers

    I finally snagged a small vinyl cutter to make some stuff for myself. First thing I did was cut some small stickers for my Blank Ash Trays on my cabs. Still have a bunch to learn on the machine, but this is a cool start!

    WTB: DonPachi PCB

    Looking to buy a DonPachi PCB. Lemme know what you have! -Adam

    Jamma Edge Caps

    Here is the Files for some Jamma Edge caps I designed for games when being stored. I use them on my games.

    FS: Various Boards / Parts / Jamma

    Decided I have too much stuff that doesn't get used / played enough, so it's time to pass it on to others. *** I will be adding to this thread as I get through more stuff *** Prices include Shipping within the U.S. only. Please Battletoads Jamma PCB: ***SOLD*** $525 Puzzle Bobble 4 - Taito F3...

    Hello from Tallhassee, FL

    Hey everyone! My name is Adam and I'm from Tallahassee, FL. I dabble quite a bit with Arcade and Pinball hardware, and recently found this site. I have quite a Few Candy Cabinets (Astro City, Windy, Egret 2, Naomi Universal, Dino King, etc...) and Pinball Machines ( Star Wars, CFTBL, FunHouse...