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  1. mathewbeall

    New HDMI solution for (at least easily) MV1C board

    Hi Folks! I saw this over on shmup today - marqs has modified his firmware to work on a NeoGeo MVS board (Mv1c board in this case) - he said its the easiest and will be updating his public github soon with the code and instructions...
  2. mathewbeall

    WTB: Dead or Alive (Sega Model 2)

    Hi Folks - looking to buy an original Dead or Alive arcade PCB! Matt
  3. mathewbeall

    PacMania - music, but no sounds

    Hi Folks! I have a PacMania board that boots up fine, has music - but some sounds are missing. I assume at least when you eat dots there should be sound :) Anyone have an idea of where I can start troubleshooting? Perhaps start by reburning the 2 sound EEPROMS? Matt
  4. mathewbeall

    CPS1 HDMI Troubleshooting

    Hi Folks - I am down to my last HDMI board... This one I am getting ready for the Multi. I built the daughterboard from the files, and have everything connected. Once I realized I had the CSYNC(HS) wire on the wrong side of the resistor video came up working great. I noticed an issue with...
  5. mathewbeall

    CPS3 Digital AV installation troubleshooting

    Hi Folks! I did my CPS3 Digital AV install this weekend - and have run into some issues. The first time I got everything installed and fired up - the video came up and worked great - but for some reason, zero audio on the HDMI (but I did have it out the JAMMA edge). I was trying to...
  6. mathewbeall

    Taito TypeX 2 Multi - won't stay running

    Hi Folks! I just got one of these off ebay, from China. When I got it - it fired right up, and I went down to Street Fighter IV and let it run, I walked away and came back about 10m later and it was at the menu. I thought that was odd. Ever since then - It appears totally random as to...
  7. mathewbeall

    FS: Capcom CPS3 Cartridge with new UltraSIMM BIOS

    Hi Folks, I was able to get a repro cart so am going to sell my original CPS3 cart that has the Custom SH2 inside of it (Capcom original). The BIOS has been updated with the new UltraSIMM BIOS - the NOCD version (goes straight to region select based on the game selected via the jumper). $150...
  8. mathewbeall

    WTB English version of Wangan Maximum Tune 3dx+ (Hard drive and key)

    I finally got my hands on a Namco system 2 - but it has the chinese version of WMMT3 - I didn't realize you couldn't just change the language, so it sounds like I need the actual english copy of the game. Matt
  9. mathewbeall

    WMMT3 (Namco N2) - language change?

    Hello All! I finally got my hands on a Namco N2 with WMMT3. While it somtimes seems to have issues booting (kernel panics, etc) usually after a few retries I can get it going. The only issue is that its all in Chinese - including the menu. I looked through the manual and it seems as if there...
  10. mathewbeall


    Hello All, I am building the cps1 helper board to use with the cps2hdmi kit - going off this github: It states that you need to use: 3pcs 2x5 U-type pin headers Does anyone have any idea where I can source these?!
  11. mathewbeall

    Metal Slug 1 - two extra "blocks" on MVS

    HI Folks - I rearranged my test bench and mounted a small LCD up on the wall to get some more counter space - I am now using my OSSC to test boards, etc. instead of going directly into my 8" Sony PVM. I was messing around with my MVS - and when I fired up metal slug - i saw two extra little...
  12. mathewbeall

    (FOUND) WTB - Namco System 1 PCB

    To use with Darksoft's multi. Thanks! Matt
  13. mathewbeall

    Wangan Maximum Tune 2 help (WMMT2)

    HI Folks, About 18 months ago I got a WMMT3 cabinet from @rewrite and after a few months of work got it all up and working perfectly, card reader and all. It's been in solid use for that time. recently - it's been acting odd (I come in and it's off, so I have to reboot it, etc.) until earlier...
  14. mathewbeall

    Wells Gardner D9200 - vertical hold collapse

    Hi Folks - I have a cabinet I built about 18 years ago - and the WG D9200 is starting to suffer vertical hold collapse, as in - it's in the process - its about half the screen right now. This is a flyback transformer issue right? Matt
  15. mathewbeall

    Want to build a cabinet

    Hi Folks - I have a Sanwa 29PFX that is NOS, and I want to build a cabinet around it. I have built cabinets in the past, but was hoping to make it a little easier this time. Does anyone have any plans that would be easily modified to fit a particular size monitor - one that is easy to swap new...
  16. mathewbeall

    Bloody Roar 2 - identify board

    Hi Folks - I am buying a BR2 board from a member here, and the picture of the board isn't what I would expect to see compared to other shots on ebay (the B board). Does anyone know if this is just a later variant of the board, or is it a clone?
  17. mathewbeall

    Centipede cabinet died

    It died over the weekend - I just ordered a centipede->JAMMA adapter so I can take the board home and see if the board died, or something in the cabinet. If something on the board died - I am hoping it's a capacitor or something easy! :) More later as I troubleshoot.
  18. mathewbeall

    Ms. Pac Man - sprites are gone/blocks of color

    Hi Folks - I pulled this out of storage just to check it - and while it was working fine a few years ago, now it doesn't show the sprites - just blocks of colors... the game itself plays perfectly fine though. Is this just a chip I need to reburn or is it something more indidious...
  19. mathewbeall

    Price Check - PC Engine Duo R

    Hi Folks - what is a fair price for a PC Engine Duo-R with RGB mod and region switch, along with SCART cable and a Turbo EverDrive, and original controller - in perfect working order?
  20. mathewbeall

    CPS2 enclosure - Jasens Customs

    Howdy All - has anyone picked one of these up? Matt