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  1. chacal231077

    Mortal Kombat Y-Unit Sound Demo

    Hi:) I would like to know if it is normal that the sound of the demo cuts off after a few minutes :?:?( Thank you:thumbup:
  2. chacal231077

    CPS1 A board Resistor Array reference

    Hi! :) I have a broken Resistor Array on a CPS1 motherboard Can you tell me the value ? Thank You :thumbup:
  3. chacal231077

    Change of Thermal Pad on System Namco 246 Type B

    Hi! :) I would like to know what thickness to choose to change the thermal pad on the motherboard :?: Thank you :thumbup:
  4. chacal231077

    List of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors on a ZN1 & ZN2 Motherboard

    Hi! :) Someone knows the list of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors to change on a ZN1 & ZN2 Motherboard :?: Thank you:thumbup:
  5. chacal231077

    Super Street Fighter II turbo speed 2 by changing the value in the in the program

    Hi! :) Someone would be what is the value to change in the game program to have a turbo 2 type game speed as in the SSF2X :?: apparently it is possible by changing a program line:) Thank you ;)
  6. chacal231077

    how to program a SOP44 chip with a wellon VP598 for Unibios SVC Chaos PCB Version

    Hi ! :) I would like to know how to program SOP44 chip with adapter with IC socket SOP44 to DIP44 on wellon VP598 programmer.The reference of the chip to be programmed is not in the list ;( .It's a OKI R27V6402GShould we pass it off as a 27C401 :?: Thank you :)
  7. chacal231077

    Sound Voltex IV HEAVENLY HAVEN I/O Error

    Hi! :smile: My little brother have a problem with Voltex IV cabinet that's the first Arcade Cabinet he just received it ;( . The I / O indicates an error and does not proceed to the next step ?( We noticed that the CN2 connector cable on a pcb below the subwoofer was missing.I don't know if...
  8. chacal231077

    Knights of Valour 2 : Nine Dragons IGS PGM Graphics Glitches

    Hi! :) I have a Graphics Glitches problem X/ I have another Knights of Valor 2 to swap the 2 PCb to isolate the problem.the 2 pcb have a default . I remake all the chip welds and made a Capkit but nothing to change. X( on the PCB where there are the Roms I ordered new 74F139-PC on ebay...
  9. chacal231077

    Restoring an SNK MVS MV1 Slot

    Hi! :smile: Following a big sound problem :wacko: then comes the worst. the Neo Geo - Pro Bo dead chip cracked :pinch: So Pixel Porridge on the screen :pinch: I decided to startDesoldering at the hot air station :cool: Installation of the new Neo Geo - Pro Bo chip :)...
  10. chacal231077

    Capcom ZN2 Motherboard Crystal Oscilator reference

    Hi! :) I am looking for this crystal oscillator smd or the equivalent today. it's on a Capcom ZN2 Motherboard Thank You . ;)
  11. chacal231077

    how to switch Phoenix Edition, to the original version with Arduino programmer Kit by Eduardo Cruz

    Hi! I would like to know how to go from a Phoenix Edition version to the original version with the Arduino programmer hardware Kit by Eduardo Cruz, to be able to install Undamned InfiniKey-CPS2 by UD Do i have to reprogram the phoenix chip? if so with what program ? Thank you ;)
  12. chacal231077

    Juju Densetsu mixture of the Dot Cross Hatch bios

    Hi! :) I have on the screen a mixture of the Dot Cross Hatch bios and the weird game :S as soon as I raise the side of the PCB to the right where the big crystal oscillator is, the bug is gone.I redid a lot of welds and now it's worse, the...
  13. chacal231077

    ZN2 Motherboard & ALTERA EPM7064QC100-15 chip

    Hi! :) On a ZN2 motherboard the ALTERA EPM7064QC100-15 chip had soda on it. I unsoldered it carefully, but I still ordered a new one, because I have a problem with the sound level on the right output, maybe because of this chip. I would like to know if it is already programmed from the...
  14. chacal231077

    IGS PGM Mother Board Restoration

    Hi! :) yesterday I changed the 4 ram chips IGS PGM Motherboard. I had a mixture of hexadecimal code on the screen. I tracked the Oxidation of shit everywhere :cursing: , changed the 4P connector, the Quartz oxidized at the level of the legs broke so changed, diodes. Cleaning the amplifier...
  15. chacal231077

    CPT-002B Kitamura Kiden Transformer 14 Volts & Amperes deliver

    Hi ! :) How many amperes does the CPT-002B Kitamura Kiden Transformer 14 Volts deliver for Amp Qsound ? Thank you ;)
  16. chacal231077

    Fighter Impact convert to ver.A

    Hi ! :) I would like My Fighter Impact ZN to Fighter Impact A . what are the roms changed ? ?( Thank you :)
  17. chacal231077

    Virtua Fighter 3, what are the four switch buttons on the Motherboard ?

    Hi! what are the four switch buttons on the motherboard ?? SW1 SW2 Sw3 and SW4 Thank you ;)
  18. chacal231077

    Dead or Alive ++ ZN1 change Region

    I would like to change the Region of the game which remains blocked on Korea I would like to know if this is the 2 PROM U0119 & U0120 to change or else PROM, OKI M27C3202CZ in U0217 ?( In the Bios Menu you can not change the Korea region it remains blocked ;( Thank You ;)
  19. chacal231077

    Bloody Roar/Beastorizer ZN1 u0219 PAL-CE16V8 15LP dump

    I'm looking for the PAL-CE16V8 15LP dump file for U0219, it's that it exists :?: Thank You :thumbup:
  20. chacal231077

    IGS PGM Motherboard Connectors PCB of the cartridge slot

    Hi! :) Because of the recalcitrant corrosion I desoldered without damage all the connectors :thumbsup: of the PCB of the cartridge slot I spent 2 hours :S I would like to change the 3 connectors circled in red Thank you for your help ;)