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    FS- Sega Aero Table Coin Door Reproductions

    See the title. They're a good fit and the color is good. $165 shipped in the USA.
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    WTB AWSD, E3, E2 casters, glass instruction bracket holder, AWSD Coin Sticker, ETC

    Like the title says. Do we have any idea what types of casters are on these? Does anybody know where we can grab AWSD coin stickers? Thanks fellas!
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    18" Mini Cute monitor (tube + chassis). Sanwa. $500 + extra parts for free

    18". Low to no burn. Serviced (cap kit and PNL work). Located in 95688. Killer picture- looks great. Downside- there's some funny vertical adjustment with some games, but isn't an issue with the mini cute bezel. Now includes what I think is a spare Sanwa yoke for the same price. $500 local...
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    Spikeout: Final Edition please

    Looking for these. Thanks!
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    Team Play Conversion kit (robotron/joust)

    All new. Side art, control panel overlay, marquee, full harness, joysticks, buttons, etc. Bought direct a few decades ago. $300 without jamma board. $600 with jamma board. Thanks!
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    Dimahoo $280 candy cabs Impress Cabinets (2), Batsugun w/ arts, Egret 3 panels/translite (NEW), Donpachi, 4 Slot MVS (serviced)

    Dimahoo Green Phoenixed $280 shipped (USA) 4 Slot MVS (serviced). Price $325 shipped (USA) Boxed Saturn USA w/ pack in disc $260 shipped. PM for more details. Pair of Capcom Impress Cabinets. Burn free monitors, great pictures. Ms9 chassis. good sticks/buttons. Glass instruction space covers...
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    FS Sanwa PFX chassis (new) $365 shipped

    See the title. New. Tested, working, tri sync chassis.
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    FS Vewlix Wiring harness and Wei Ya (stock) power supply + LED Marquee strip (aftermarket). $120 shipped for everything

    See the title. No tire kickers. Wiring harness does not have the speaker harness nor the control panel harness or harness that joins IO to control panel harness. Has stuff like the coin counter. $120 shipped in the USA via f&f or cover fees.
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    Wanted- awsd or e3 stock monitor bracket for rent (duplicating/fabrication)

    I would like the stock monitor bracket- basically I want to duplicate them and return them- outright purchasing is fine too. Thanks!
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    3 27" Arcade monitors (29" Japan). 95688 Local Pickup. (Astro, Impress, Egret 2)

    I have 3 27" (JPN 29") arcade tubes/chassis for sale-preferably as a lot. I won't crate them, come get them or hire shippers that will pick them up without me lifting a finger. 1: MS9. Heavy screen burn. (tube, yoke, rings, no chassis) 1: Supposedly MS9 compatible tube. Samsung. Little to no...
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    Ring Edge 2 Multi game kit (with power cord and SSD). Loaded. $400 shipped

    Tested, working. Comes with a couple extra parts (and a new battery). Clean case. Needs nothing. $400 shipped in the USA (base shipping, no insurance, f&f). Local P/U possible too. Thanks!
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    WTB RCA -> Egret 2 Stereo harness

    See the title. Running a Night Striker in an Egret 2. Harness up to this point is RCA (female). Someone take my money and knock out my project lol. (I hate sourcing connectors).
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    RingEdge 2 Multi game SSD SET $415 shipped, Konami 24" LCD (VGA/DVI w/ CGA convertor)

    Last one left. RE2 multi- (SSD, lots of games), tested, working. Includes power cable. $415 shipped in the USA. Konami LCD panel. (widescreen), (was pulled out of a 25" Candy when I was de-converting it). Comes with everything to run (even in CGA). $150 plus ship Local PU is possible.
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    Fast I/O clarification (RFID/ Niko's Multi /Vewlix)

    Hello! Working on some little projects. End goal- use two Type X2s with Niko's multi and Fast I/O in vewlixes. My understanding- Niko's multi doesn't need the RFID card reader- but it might for a few games and Nesica titles? I'm just looking to run my X2 multi setups in a couple vewlix- this...
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    WTB Fast I/O board, harness, adapter PCB, DMAC card

    See the title. Basically- I need *DMAC card(s) for X2. *Fast io board itself (found) Anybody have? Message me and we'll get sorted. Thanks!
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    Sega Swing parts (if you own one, please stop by)

    I need a head count so I don't have to store very many. Reproducing the swing marquee parts- this post is specifically for the surround. Also, doing some cheapie plastic coin slot runs (no artwork, just plain white plastic for an off center coin slot- extra for the 4 slot version). Post here...
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    IC/FS. Table Pony VH/H glass, Egret 2/29 doors, Blast Feet, Vewlix Brackets, Jaleco Pony Mk2/Mk3 Glass, Marquee (Vinyl and Glass)

    See the title. Essentially- I'm doing a few projects. The more- the merrier. If anybody is looking for metal parts (that I have on hand) or jumping in with one of these (several have to have deposits, though not all), you guys can save a lot of money. Things I can do/have done- reproduce lock...
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    Ring Edge 2 full setups complete

    On Hold Ring Edge 2. SSD hard drive, multi, all removed parts saved and included (factory HDs and such). All of the games work great, new battery for bios.. Ring Edge 2 multi. Cleaned. SSD. All fans replaced with newer, quieter fans. Thermal paste done. Nice setup. Works great. Gi Joe. Works...
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    GI Joe jamma $425 shipped

    Tested, working. Just came back from service. Local pickup is possible. Shipping is in the USA via friends and family. Thanks for looking!
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    Sega Swing Jamma harness loom--

    Do any other machines use these looms for the jamma side of things? I have a clapped out Swing that had one hacked to crap. I do have an original that hasn't been touched- does anybody take jobs like this (replicating the completed one?) Thanks!