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    WTB Nintendo PlayChoice10 or Nintendo vs.

    Looking for any PC10 machine or certain Nintendo vs. games (Mario bros, Dr. Mario, excite bike...) all entertain any you have. Willing to drive around Western US for local pickup for a good deal. I’m in Sacramento area - been looking for months in CA and haven’t seen anything!
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    Wanted: cps1 SFII CE or HF C board (b-21)

    I don’t have anything for trade so looking to buy. Shoot me a PM if you have one!
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    Looking for SSF2T, upgrade and color questions

    Hello all - thanks for the excellent forum! Full disclosure, I’m new to the arcade scene. Just started collecting cabinets for a game room. I recently purchased a street fighter 2T and was gifted with a CPS2 board in the same unit. Bonus! It’s a functional board currently running SSF2. I’d...