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  1. darksofter

    Which Video Gaming LCD Monitor is the best for Retro Gaming.

    Dear Team, I want to find out which LCD Professional Video Game Monitor has the least amount of lag and is ideal for retro gaming in conjunction with an upscaler. In the capcom pro tour they use the zowie rl2460. Which monitor are ideal?
  2. darksofter

    Sony CRT Black Screen

    Dear Team, I was able to get a Sony CRT with component and 480i only. When I first turned it on, I had only a black screen. There was this high frequency noise, so I knew the CRT was alive. I opened the TV and adjusted the flyback regulator a little. I turned the TV on and alas a picture. So I...
  3. darksofter

    MOD HD CRT with RGB scart

    Dear Team, I wanted to know what the best solution is to get rgb out of a HD CRT is? The HD CRT I am talking about is the KV32HS420. I heard you can convert the component connection and the signal to rgb scart. I would prefer to mod the CRT with a rgb signal and install a female scart input. I...
  4. darksofter

    What monitor to buy?

    Hello everyone, I have a micomsoft xrgb mini framemeister and I was very happy because it promised what it was suppose to do. After being on a retro convention and seeing those PVMs and BVMs, I know I want these professional monitors. Still, what type of monitor is suitable for me? Arcade CRT...
  5. darksofter

    CPS2 Fan Replacement

    Hello Everyone, I just received my CPS2 A+B system. When I fired up the board, I immediately was annoyed by the loud noise of the fan. I am looking to replace the it. I don't want to solder anything and just want to get to the board, unplug the old fan and replace it with a comparably silent...
  6. darksofter

    Wanted A Board

    I am looking for an A Board for the Multicart Kit to fit on a B-Board. I live in Germany and thus am looking for a purchase in the Euro Region. Please PM me. Thank You
  7. darksofter

    Hi I am from the US

    Hi I am from the U.S. Currently I am working in China and Germany. I am looking to buying a CPS2 system. I would be happy to hear your experiences with the systems.