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  1. ArcadeSTG

    Under Defeat HD+, anyone?

    Under Defeat HD+ is a Ringedge 2 game, which is a more powerful system than TX2, but the game is not that demanding (after all it is a Naomi game + HD). Maybe it is possible to have it running in The Multi. Has anyone ever tried?
  2. ArcadeSTG

    Installing fresh Operative System on Type x2?

    Do you know any way to install a fresh Operative System on Type x2? For instance a fresh windows XP or a windows 7.
  3. ArcadeSTG

    Taito Vewlix Comparison Table 2.0

    I have created a new version of the comparison table. If you have information to improve it, please let me know:
  4. ArcadeSTG

    Arcade monitor of Vewlix, 1080P models?

    Hi, some time ago, I did a Vewlix comparision table: Now, I plan to update it. BUT, I need your help. Is there more info about the panels of the diamond and diamond black models?. I understand that both of them accept a 1080P signal, but are they native 1080P panels?