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  1. atrfate

    How to purchase Groove Coaster / Rhythmvaders machines for our local arcade?

    You cannot be on there network your not in japan You will get an Xzero reguardless thats the hardware it runs on.
  2. atrfate

    Under Defeat HD+, anyone?

    Not that i care what emulators people use, but why would you use tp, jconfig runs this and pretty much all ring stuff nowdays :)
  3. atrfate

    what taito type x2 games are in english?

    Thats a rather vague question As you have normal TTX2 games, and you have deluxe titles, such as, tableflip game, its purely in japnease But if we are talking stick and buttons game, every single one of them is either in english, or no english is required to play them, or can be forced into...
  4. atrfate

    What can i do with 4x Taito Type X2 systems for 2x battle gear 4 cabs & 1 double max tune 2 cab

    Defo say thats a matter of perspective, because imho wmnt, isnt worth playing even if you had 100 cabs, with card readers ha
  5. atrfate

    Brand New Taito Type X+ w/ U-JVS + Half Life 2

    Nikos multi will run on anything form a VM to an X1 to an X3, As long as you take the time to set it up youself lol.
  6. atrfate

    Suggestions for the smallest PC form factor for a Type X2 machine
  7. atrfate

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    There are no such checks, all likely good its lack of a txac key.
  8. atrfate

    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    that error iv seen on multiple battle gear units, usually upgrading/ replacing ram fixes it.
  9. atrfate

    AttractMode Front End - Pras Meets NxL Last Update 12-14-2017

    Been busy irl, and nikos new multi is out anyway with no confirmation that it works on it, when i get some time ill look into updating it untill then i cba to reupload something thats broken likely on current multi.
  10. atrfate

    Putting TTX2s in my previously stripped Vewlix Cs

    Imho , if your already playing ps4, and already have the setup why run an x2, slap a low/med end gaming pc in there, and play all the games there.
  11. atrfate

    What would I need to get a TTX2 running in my Vewlix F cabinet with a multi-game drive?

    Bud, its computer parts none of it is special . Pc fans are not soldered lmao, they use a normal 3 pin pwm, or 4 pin molex a 7900 Gs is a 7900 GS ....the only differance would be a dual slot card vs a single slot, for use in the x2 you want a single slot card, You can replace the psu, if you can...
  12. atrfate

    What would I need to get a TTX2 running in my Vewlix F cabinet with a multi-game drive?

    Shouldn't its an LGA 775 Socket, any Cpu that has the 1066? Frontside bus speed, should run, the later core 2 dous with 1333 will not work. making the core 2 extreme 2.93 the top of the line, Due to PC IPC performace, basicly any of the dual cores above 2.7 ghz should roughly be as good as the...
  13. atrfate

    What would I need to get a TTX2 running in my Vewlix F cabinet with a multi-game drive?

    Idk how many of the qusetions have been answered and tbh i am to lazy to read the thread but, ""**Of the non-working TTX2 units, one has a blue screen on boot. The other is mostly empty except for the board and a stick or 2 of ram. I may try to clean them up inside and fiddle with parts, but...
  14. atrfate

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Ima say this once again, The x2 x3 are Computers, nikos multi will run on any computer, iv even had it running inside a vm for my own test, so there is no "beta" version on the x3, someone copied the files and ran it thats all. The only way to fully remove, and make the x3 a better system...
  15. atrfate

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Thought the magic of relocking the drive with the correct ata, key
  16. atrfate

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Ultra Street Fighter IV Taito Type X3 System (Conversion) its right in the title.
  17. atrfate

    NESICAxLive2 on TTX2?

    not to mention, easier to run, and it means you would have a kick ass pc connected to that cab to run 1000s of thousands of other goodies.
  18. atrfate

    NESICAxLive2 on TTX2?

    Thats a hard question for a number of reasons while both are pc hardware you have alot of things to consider Specs of the machine and requirements of the game Type of game, (some games are 64 bit, some are 32 bit) Windows version and requirements. with all that being said, being that these...
  19. atrfate

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    No options like that i cant tell you what they do but the type of issues me and coery are talking about are deep into the game stuff that isnt changed by a toggle. it is what it is
  20. atrfate

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    I dont have a complete list, But a a few games as coery just mentioned use that version of the emulator, called xioemulator.dll some other games noteable for this kind of thing are all the dual io games, like blazblue CS 2 Kof 13 they read the fast io data, then swap it over to jvs data then...