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  1. gpbear4

    FS: Namco System 256 with non working dvd drive

    it works properly, but the dvd drive. ive tested and it works normally with a dvd drive that is working. asking for $180 shipped in the US
  2. gpbear4

    WTB/WTT: Super Dragon Ball Z Namco System 256

    Looking for Super DBZ disc and dongle. I have a copy of Tekken 5 and 12 IC cards that I’m willing to trade, but if it isn’t wanted, I’ll still buy Super Dragon Ball Z
  3. gpbear4

    FOUND: Namco System 256 Card Reader Items

    Looking for two card readers, one (or two) S-CONV PCB and two of those cables that connect the S-CONV PCB’s to the EXCARD PCB. Anyone have these or know where I may find them? S-CONV to EXCARD cables in timestamp: I heard this is the setup for the Sega card readers, but theres also Namco card...
  4. gpbear4

    WTB: Sega Rev. B I/O Board

    Also known as “SEGA ENTERPRISES,LTD.;I/O 838-13683B ;Ver1.07;99/06”. I heard these are kinda common and cheap, but idk. Please lemme know if you’re willing to sell or where I could find one for a decent price. Thanks Picture for reference
  5. gpbear4

    FOUND: Suicided or Unwanted CPS2 B Board USA or Japan

    looking to set up a darksoft cps2 multikit, so perferably a G-Pal B board
  6. gpbear4

    SOLD: Sega Naomi Universal

    $650 in nice condition, but the control panel can use some work (replace button wire harness and control panel if you want six buttons on each side). comes with sega naomi power supply, sega jvs io board, and sound amp, but no naomi system or game. monitor looks really nice and uses VGA 31khz...
  7. gpbear4

    help with 3-button to 6-button on naomi cab

    this naomi cab is my first arcade cabinet so im having trouble identifying what is needed to add buttons and whats the purpose of some of the stuff in here. i also want to redo the joysticks and buttons cause they dont use quick disconnects
  8. gpbear4

    question purchasing 246/256 from buyee

    does anyone living in the US have experience ordering these systems or anything of similar size and weight from buyee or yahoo auction japan?
  9. gpbear4

    hello from CA, USA

    i recently obtained a USA cps2 A board and a Japan vampire savior 2 B board. This is my introduction to arcade hardware. I plan on getting a darksoft cps2 multi kit, but until then i should get i supergun and ill see if the vs2 board even works. If it does, ill put a battery mount on it and find...