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  1. komidore64

    [OUT OF STOCK] RECO PCB - a JAMMA button remapping & autofire device

    This is really cool and similar to a project I've been working on to learn more about hardware and electronics. Are you remapping the buttons purely with software inside the micro-controller? I don't see any discrete multiplexers or data-selectors on the PCB. Thanks in advance!
  2. komidore64

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Thanks for the kind words :) It would be really nice if I could get around to selling CP harnesses, etc. We'll see. I'd already accepted my fate that I'd never own a CAVE board hah! Then it appeared on eBay and my wife told me, "Do whatever you gotta do to get it. You love that game. Go for...
  3. komidore64

    --> STV Multi Cartridge Sales Thread -->

    Patiently waiting for the next order :)
  4. komidore64

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Heh, I am jealous. Ideally I wanted to start out with one Blast and one Astro, but I started getting a little impatient and just ordered two Blasts at the same time.
  5. komidore64

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Yeah! I am probably going to do that! I heard about Darksoft's Multi ST-V a long time ago, but every thing I'd found (short of joining arcade-projects) seemed to act like it was a one-run-and-done kind of deal. I figured i'd missed the boat and was out of luck. After joining I immediately found...
  6. komidore64

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hi folks! My name is Adam and I come to you from Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm fairly new to the arcade hobby/scene, but i'm really excited to get to know y'all and learn lots about fixing things and keeping my two Blast Cities running in tip-top shape! I've learned a lot from all the great...