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    Blast city Nanao ms-2933

    Happy you were able to successfully bring another Blast City back to working condition! Best cabs of all time IMO
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    25" K7000 Pinched on right side (linearity issue)

    Its a M3129DB1 Wei-Yas chassis in the Makvision tube. Ill check that info out, thanks!
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    25" K7000 Pinched on right side (linearity issue)

    Following. I have this exact issue on a Makvision monitor I picked up some time ago. Initially, I was thinking of pushing the neck board closer in the affected area but I don't believe it worked to my satisfaction.
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    Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    PM Sent for some Blast city stuff!
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    Taito Ultra Street Fighter IV pcb

    Does this version work to allow two players to play against each other? I've read that some are one player only. Not sure if that was true to begin with.
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    WTB Street Fighter The Movie Arcade PCB

    Hello my fellow Arcade Community Members, I am seeking a Street Fighter The Movie Arcade Pcb. I am aware of a few on ebay but before I do, I want to see if anyone here has one they are willing to part with. Thank you very much!
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    Does this work for linking two sega blast city cabinets together?
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    K C Game sale

    WOW! Thats a great price!!!!
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    Young blood

    Welcome to the forums! This place has awesome people resulting in a great community. Thats an awesome set up you have going there. Out of curiousty, are you using stock wiring or did you create a wiring to do vs? Ive been seeking a vs kit myself to do his very same thing (except different cab)