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    Battle Garegga graphical fault

    My pcb has had this fault for years now. Everything else, to the best of my knowledge, is fine. On a blank / black screen, the text bleeds to the top of the screen. It’s only visible on level transitions and, boot and rizing splash screen. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Voltages are...
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    Taito F2 motherboard (or game + mobo)

    I fancy picking up some more F2 stuff, but the motherboards are so thin on ground just now :( long or short will do. I need it shipped to the UK. If you have something, please let me know what you’re after.
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    WTB/WTT Sega Lindbergh AiME Reader/Panel (Have you seen this?)

    The eBay one sold :(
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    WTB/WTT Sega Lindbergh AiME Reader/Panel (Have you seen this?)

    I’m using that green 24mm button for the guide button on my ps360 :) there are quite a few panels on eBay and YHJ with it in place right now.
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    Odd CV1000 Issue

    Have you tried moving the position of the picture in the test mode of the PCB down a few lines?
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    Coin entry for egret 2,3, atomiswave

    Plenty of people have installed white ones, I’ve got green and yellow buttons on mine ;) Only reason I posted is on the off chance someone thinks their gray one is an aftermarket part.
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    Coin entry for egret 2,3, atomiswave

    The egret 2 has a grey plastic coin slot. AFAIK it was white on the promo flyer (with green and yellow buttons) but all the actual cabs I’ve had were / are grey.
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    SEGA Lindbergh cabinet "upgraded" with LG 1080 monitor.

    I took your advice. I’ve bought the monitors ;) now I need some time :D Have you used drop in replacement led strips or is there some modification needed? I really appreciate you sharing the info here. It’s saved me a lot of time.
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    SEGA Lindbergh cabinet "upgraded" with LG 1080 monitor.

    That’s what I was hoping for. I can’t be arsed soldering anything to the monitors motherboard
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    SEGA Lindbergh cabinet "upgraded" with LG 1080 monitor.

    Great job and very useful post. I’ve got a Lindy on the way and even if the monitors are ok, I can see me doing this right away. Can I ask, How did you extend the remote? Is there enough ribbon cable, or whatever it is, internally to snip and add the desired length in between to extend?
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    Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    I have the same issues as the MS29-31 thread with the flyback on mine. I assume it’s the same one grantspain uses as all the w2 chassis he’s repaired have the same issue. I can’t speak for him, but I know it’s one of the reasons he has given for sitting on the flyback details. Under his...
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    Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    Nice work! Do you have any Width / Horizontal issues? The picture on mine is about 1” too wide on the narrowest settings on the chassis and remote board. Neo geo is particularly bad, it’s constantly over-scanned
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    MS9 vs Toshiba for low res

    Some people like 15k on an LCD :S It’s subjective, but IMO, if you’re comparing a properly calibrated, good strong tube and chassis, then an MS8/MS9 will be better. The tosh PF is very sharp. Depending on your taste, that’s either a good or a bad thing. The 15k picture on a Nanao MS29-30/31...
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    There can be only one 5.00V
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    SOLD: Donpachi PCB (US)

    I don’t have any issue with what you’re saying, but there’s already a rule to stop you from doing that in a sales thread. I suggested a tweak to the existing rules to stop what should be a 3-5 post sales thread turning into a 4+ page beast that will no doubt need some moderation. Forum rules...
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    SOLD: Donpachi PCB (US)

    I’m pretty sure the derail of this thread came from the price discussion rather than price policing. A lot of forums I use have a “no price discussion” in sales threads. It might be worth considering that, rather than price policing? Who actually cares what people, with no intention of buying...
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    Toshiba PF D29C051 chassis

    Excellent work nem. Many thanks
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    Universal JAMMA versus kit

    That looks brilliant! I’ll buy one when your ready :)
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    Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    Mine has been going strong for 50+ hours Edit: no idea how to post images here :palm: