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  1. meybarra

    FS: Controllers *Sold*

    Package received. Much appreciated
  2. meybarra

    FS: Controllers *Sold*

    PM incoming
  3. meybarra

    DB-15 Joystick Options

    If you can't get the @RGB version, check out the adapter from @Arthrimus?
  4. meybarra

    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    Please put me down for a v2. I'll patiently wait for the sd card convenience. I just picked up a mute Altered Beast as my donor board.
  5. meybarra

    "The Arcade PCB Case" for multi Irem M72

    I finally stopped procrastinating and assembled my case. It’s very nice.
  6. meybarra

    Multi JVS v1.0

    Naomi Universal
  7. meybarra

    Multi JVS v1.0

    This little gem came in the mail today. It was fairly easy to drop into my cab. It worked very well playing Ringedge 2 with the cab’s control panel and my gamepad via db15 and @undamned usb adapter. Now, what do you recommend to power this JVS IO board outside of a cab for a supergun-style setup?
  8. meybarra

    90 degree angle/riser for the STV Cart??

    May I jump on this bandwagon too?
  9. meybarra

    Everten Taito F3 IO Board (Stereo Audio + CPS2 kick)

    Time to surface after some lurking. Please put me down for one too.
  10. meybarra

    WTB: GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou (Namco System10) PCB

    Bumping this again. I managed to snag a System10 Chocovader, but this YouTube video reignited my desire for Gahaha: There are more cool videos on that channel. This person has a cool diy 3-monitor Ninja Warriors rig. If anyone has a lead on a Gahaha PCB or cab...
  11. meybarra

    help needed-mv1fs load and reboots at some games...

    Shot in the dark here, what happens if you drop the voltage just below 5v? Maybe closer to 4.8v?
  12. meybarra

    [FS] Sega Dreamcast with DCHDMI, GDEMU, Noctua fan, UniBIOS, battery mod, recapp'ed power supply

    Package received, and it works great. Very much appreciated.
  13. meybarra

    SOLD: R-Type Leo (MT2 Conversion) Irem M92

    Fired up the PCB. Works great. The brown caps are in good shape, but I thought I spotted the elna label on them. I’ll start looking into replacing them.
  14. meybarra

    SOLD: R-Type Leo (MT2 Conversion) Irem M92

    Package received in excellent shape. Outstanding packing job. The pcb looks immaculate. Can’t wait to fire it up tonight.
  15. meybarra

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Also, if you want to keep it all analog, consider @invzim Irken Labs Retro Scaler A1:
  16. meybarra

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Since you already have an OSSC, consider an HDMI to VGA DAC: Tendak Active 1080P Female HDMI...
  17. meybarra

    Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    Seems more like an alternative to the JAMMAizer if you pair it with the Mister FPGA. Maybe use it with a JAMMAfier to play on a JVS cab? Regarding the JAMMAizer, anybody know a convenient way to tap the 5v rail to power to power a device like the Mister?
  18. meybarra

    DB9 to HD15 cable help? Otherwise, build your own with a db9 breakout, hd15 breakout, and some wire?
  19. meybarra

    Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    Well, the Blast is gone. These latest photos are on a different 15khz cab. Just be sure the Mister ini has forced scandoubler off, composite sync on, and ypbpr off. That will send the 15khz rgbs video signal.