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  1. opt2not

    SegaSTV OLED 128x32 bitmaps

    Great! Thanks @nem I’ll update the previous post to keep track. I’m working on the Cotton’s right now, since I made the logo for Cotton 1 on the Sega 16b. I can just update that logo for 2 and boomerang.
  2. opt2not

    SegaSTV OLED 128x32 bitmaps

    Yo, I just wanted to confirm what's left to do for the Icons: STV COMPLETED ICONS Astra Super Stars Die Hard Arcade Final Fight Revenge Golden Axe The Duel Groove On Fight Guardian Force Maru-Chan de Goo Sando-R: Puzzle & Action Radiant Silvergun Steep Slope Sliders Touryuu Densetsu Elan...
  3. opt2not

    Lifeforce US to Japan version - help

    Omg, I’m brain dead tonight. Thanks @ShootTheCore
  4. opt2not

    Lifeforce US to Japan version - help

    I have a Lifeforce US pcb that I’m looking to convert to the Japanese version. From what I’ve read there are 6 ROMs needing to be replaced: 1x 27C128, 1x 27C256, 2x 27C512s and 2x mask ROMs (TC531000P) that are 28 pin 1Mbit that is hard to find. System11 has a good solution for substituting the...
  5. opt2not

    Another SoCal Hello!

    Yay another SoCal'er! Welcome!
  6. opt2not

    Multi Irem M92

    Or a ton of R-type leo conversions 😉
  7. opt2not

    Game Saru Japan Container Import Megathread (check regularly for updates!)

    I think he can do what he wants in his own sales thread. Especially if it is showing gratitude towards the good clients and people he communicates with, and throw shade at the asshats. He also gave his updates here. you’ve started dirtying his thread by lecturing. Now I’ve dirtied it more...
  8. opt2not

    Sega System 18 multi kit installation & support

    Ah, I see now. Ok I’ll update this when I get a chance. Thanks
  9. opt2not

    Sega-C2 OLED 128x64 bitmaps

    Man, we got our work cutout for us. Lots of multi selector icons to build!
  10. opt2not

    RGB (VGA, JAMMA, etc...) Splitter Board

    This might be useful for my Sega Driving cab conversion and getting an clean way to stream from it. count me in for 1 (USA).
  11. opt2not

    K C Game sale

    You all are getting too worked up for 4/20. roll yourselves a fatty and chill...
  12. opt2not

    Sega System 18 multi kit installation & support

    I was thinking just the title would be fine.
  13. opt2not

    Sega System 18 multi kit installation & support

    So cool @BladeZX , I actually like having the text above the icon if it was the right title. I can resize them if you want.
  14. opt2not

    Sega Aero City! Great cabinets. (Part 2)

    Yeahhhhh! It begins!
  15. opt2not

    Sega System 18 multi kit installation & support

    You can find them in my post starting here: Pontoon is a few posts down.
  16. opt2not

    Bubble memory emulator project was completed successfully

    Amazing work! This would help salvage a lot of unused Bubble Systems due to failed memory carts. This is incredible!
  17. opt2not

    SegaSTV OLED 128x32 bitmaps

    I got busy this week and couldn’t work on more icons. But I’ll get you some more soon.
  18. opt2not

    Hello from SoCal

    Astros are closer to boats and yachts in their finish. they are fiberglass with gelcoat. You’d be better off taking it to a boat place to get the same finish.
  19. opt2not

    Hello from SoCal

    I haven't looked into that yet, but I will need to soon. I wanna do the Aero up properly. For now I just did some touch-up paint, but sometime this year I'd like to give it the full treatment.
  20. opt2not

    Hello from SoCal

    Nice job! Yeah I was watching that ad for a little while, thought about picking it up as a second Astro to my setup, but I ended up getting an Aero for really cheap. Now I've got a Sega Driving cab to work on, so I'm pretty full-up on space! Good luck with the restoration. If there's any...