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    Multi Irem M92

    I would like to express my interest in the multi , I thought I had already but I haven’t :| ,hopefully it is a whole romboard and I can use my gunforce motherboard if not I’ll have to get another m92 board ;(
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    Multi Irem M92

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    Multi Irem M92

    || I thought I had read that before in the thread at least I know now ;(
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    Multi Irem M92

    Hey Guys , I have a gunforce pcb is this going to be ok for a multi?
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    Martial Masters Secret Characters Unlock

    Picked up a martial masters cart recently, any chance anyone can burn me a English ver with extra characters happy to pay for time and parts ? Thanks
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    Multi Irem M92

    Great project ,I’d Definitely be interested in one of these can I be added to the list for one .
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    Axun Workshop - SCA101 SCART SWITCHER

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about getting a scart switcher for awhile this looks fantastic,I was wondering is the review for this available, Also does it help with the Sega Master System /Mega drive screen skew on some monitors where the monitor has a bend at the top of the screen .
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    FS: AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB [Batch 1 - SOLD OUT]

    Can I take one please sending pm thanks
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    Super Mega Sale+Giveaway! Best Prices Ever! Many Retro Items! Updated frequently!

    Interested in the spectral vs generation flyer if still available
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    FS: Various 90's PCBs

    Pm on board
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    Italian Members help

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    IGS PGM Issues - board or cart?

    Looks Amazing glad you got it sorted picture is great , I’m waiting on a db15 cable to arrive and hopefully it will sort out my picture also.
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    IGS PGM Issues - board or cart?

    Is the 203 rxi better than the 580xi? The 203 seems to the model everyone recommends to get.
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    IGS PGM Issues - board or cart?

    Im using an 580xi extron unit , hopefully the Serr setting fixes the issue for you I’m not sure what to try next ,
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    IGS PGM Issues - board or cart?

    Not that I’m aware of sorry, I have tried my extron unit with my Neo Geo Aes and it works perfectly, So I’m wondering is it a cable problem on the jamma harness the rgb scart cable or a fault with the sigma raijin video board :(
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    Extron 203 rxi

    Hi , Anyone got an extron 203 rxi rgb unit they are looking to sell ? Cheers
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    IGS PGM Issues - board or cart?

    Unfortunately the extron unit I have isn’t work, it’s got a humming sound when powered up and nothing from the output :( I’m going to stick up a post in wanted and see if I can get one hopefully.