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  1. Brettster

    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    Mine sits unused in my cab because it's not got a joypad mode as yet, Mostly steam use for me, its fine for emulation but as others have said, most games are a pain to use with keyboard remaps some games dont even let you map every key to something else.
  2. Brettster

    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    Fantastic write up. Thank you for sharing
  3. Brettster

    Bubble Memories Black Edition

    Just converted mine and tried it. WOW, it improves the game tremendously :) Thank you very much for this guys :)
  4. Brettster

    Bubble Memories Black Edition

    Wow thank you for this :)
  5. Brettster

    Positive Feedback for drfunk2k

    Ordered 2 Cps1 C boards, was very easy to order, tracking options sent out and was easy to keep track of. Great experience for an uncommon item
  6. Brettster

    TTX2 Darius Bust "Test of the day" screen help (resolved)

    Nice work there, I'm planning to make a Bartop DB cab, and plan on using the Steam version of the game, is there a way to flip the 2nd monitor in software as I'll be using a half mirror to try to get the same effect as the original cab, just with much smaller monitors. would be nice to have an...
  7. Brettster

    CPS1 C Boards - Multi Compatible

    Ordered a pair too, Thank you for setting up the shop link @drfunk2k :)
  8. Brettster

    Sega Dinosaur King Cab Conversion

    Mister looks great on one of these small screens you can output 15k for all the arcade cores from the HDMI using a HDMI to VGA converter or an IO board, both will give you line out sound but there is no rotation of the tate games in 15Khz mode
  9. Brettster

    Sega Megalo 410

    Would a Pioneer or Hantarex 40" plasma screen fit in these? would allow some very nice 15k - 31k gaming that way
  10. Brettster

    Happy 2020!!

    Happy New Year, the Future is here!!
  11. Brettster

    Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel

    Got mine today and had already ordered the volume stuff from the first link. I carefully modified the hole with a step drill bit to half drill though so that the nut sits in the panel but does not fall through Works great but I need some White buttons to match now :) Thanks for making...
  12. Brettster

    Konnichwa from Tokyo

    Welcome Joe you are living my Dream! but here in the UK I do have space for around 10 cabs :)
  13. Brettster

    Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel

    Oh I would like a Red one with no labels too and the volume pot, knob if you can ?
  14. Brettster

    WTB: Vewlix Card Reader cover or Nesica

    Thanks guys just what I was looking for Dropped him a PM :)
  15. Brettster

    WTB: Vewlix Card Reader cover or Nesica

    Bump, still looking for either item
  16. Brettster

    WTB: Vewlix Card Reader cover or Nesica

    I'm looking for the square cover that would cover up the space where a card reader would go for a Vewlix C L or F anyone installed a card reader and has a spare cover they would like to sell? This is the bit I'm looking to buy, or a black RFid card reader like a nesica
  17. Brettster

    Vewlix Extra Button Control Panel

    Made a little mistake with mine, forgot that the card reader extends under the plate so i cannot use the last 2 slots for the USB / Button Does anyone have a cover to replace the card reader they would like to sell? Vewlix C
  18. Brettster

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    welcome and I love the radio reference :)
  19. Brettster

    Vewlix Extra Button Control Panel

    I would like one of these please 6 button with the USB too does it come with the screws etc and can you also provide the all black buttons? finally whats the shipping cost to the UK? thanks :)
  20. Brettster

    program Converting CPS2 Black All in One Board

    For me this is perfect as I dont have a CPS 3 where can I get the conversion PCB?