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  1. kingau

    For Sale : SEGA Key 5380

    Got the keys and carts with in 6 days! Thanks @MegaIndo
  2. kingau

    Positive feedback for MegaIndo

    @MegaIndo is the best, super fast and on point, packaging is amazing. I bought 4 neo geo carts and keys, got it with in 6 days.
  3. kingau

    For Sale : SEGA Key 5380

    PM sent
  4. kingau

    Positive feedback for Semload

    Semload is a great guy, I bought some posters from him, and he went above and beyond to get it looking perfect. He's a awesome seller!
  5. kingau

    [FS] Custom Homemade Posters for : ARCADE-NG-MD-SF-PCE

    The quality is amazing, fast shipping and well packaged. Just know when you buy from @Semload your not going to be disappointed.
  6. kingau

    Positive Feedback for MostroVeneno

    @MostroVeneno is a great and classy guy, and a man of his word. Very pleasant and easy to deal with. Just know you're in good hands, he will go above and beyond… 5 stars A+
  7. kingau

    Street Fighter EX 2 PCB - ZN-2 - No Video

    1- Check if the monitor is working (use a different board if you have one), see if the neck is glowing and all the wires are connected to give the monitor power. 2- Make suer your +5 volts is out putting the right +5 voltage. 3- Look at the bottom board, see if its not missing any caps...
  8. kingau

    Konami GX System issue (Gokujou Parodius)

    What is the voltage on the power supply? And have you taken out the eprom, and check for any corrosion on the legs? Also have a look at the board, see if there are any broken traces.
  9. kingau

    Hey Arcade Projects!

    Welcome :thumbup:
  10. kingau

    [FS] Outzone , World Stadium 89 , Super Contra , Ghost & Goblins and few more hits !

    I have spent 20 years looking for Mystic Warriors, I traveled the world and even been to japan many times... finally I have gotten that pcb! Thanks @AlxUnderBase
  11. kingau

    SOLVED: Did I fry my CPS2 boards with 5.18V?

    sounds like you might have a bad cps2 A board, I have had that problem as well. Do you have another A board?
  12. kingau

    New CPS3 Simms! 8 times the size of a regular SIMM

    Please add me to the list when perorders open. Thank you
  13. kingau

    Hello guys

  14. kingau

    Nintendo VS. Gun

    To my knowledge, if your running it on a crt. it should work. The light gun connects to the nintendo pcb... don't know if the gun, would be compatible with other boards.
  15. kingau

    System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom

    This is awesome,it's a dream come true! When a list is made and set, please add me if it's possible.
  16. kingau


    Please Add me to the list for 1- Oled based game selector 1 - new S16 jamma adapter Thanks
  17. kingau


    This is amazing! ... Bravo good sir!