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  1. ShadowX

    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    I am MOST DEFINITELY interested! This is awesome! Made my day, for sure.....
  2. ShadowX

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    YESSSSS! Take mah monies!
  3. ShadowX

    Primal Rage PCB Restoration

    Some extra details and a screenshot since someone asked. I’m happy to help folks out in return when I can: I do have the JNX Rage for the proper button mappings now although I’m not using it for sound due to my self-made audio connector. The JNX Rage does support JAMMA-based mono or stereo if...
  4. ShadowX

    CPS2 Champion Multi: Instructions and tips (new Version after 10.2020)

    I think I’ve seen that too in the real arcade cabinet. Looks familiar....
  5. ShadowX

    Primal Rage Supergun Project

    KaPH33n - Thanks so much for posting that audio addendum! Please see my post on this thread in which I explain how I simply tapped into those line level output pins to get the full Primal Rage sound :} Couldn’t have done it without ya, so thanks again! Primal Rage PCB Restoration
  6. ShadowX

    Primal Rage PCB Restoration

    I am happy to report my little arcade project tonight was a success! First off, a huge reason for me getting into collecting my favorite arcade games is the unequaled SOUND. Emulation just plain demolishes it and doesn’t do the real hardware justice. After much research, I came across a scan of...
  7. ShadowX

    UD-USB Decoders

    Thanks so much for making these! I have the screw terminal and DB15 versions, and I love 'em since they let me use my old Street Fighter 15th Anniversary and Mortal Kombat 9 joysticks. Just got the Klassic Mortal Kombat PS3 joystick too. Anyway, I just found out about this: HORI Nintendo Switch...
  8. ShadowX

    UMK3 OSSC Settings.

    Yes, different TVs/monitors have different capabilities in terms of unusual resolutions and stuff. I’m pretty happy with the flexibility the LG OLEDs seem to have not to mention picture quality and low lag! Strongly recommend ‘em, but beware of burn-in. I already got mine a bit. Bloody SWTOR and...
  9. ShadowX

    UMK3 OSSC Settings.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I strongly suggest setting your HDTV or PC monitor’s sharpness to 0 in order to prevent any color distortion on the pixels for any kind of retro game with pixel art.
  10. ShadowX

    UMK3 OSSC Settings.

    I spent a couple hours on this getting the full image without cropping anything out for MK and looking good. Only thing I haven’t figured out is a way to get a perfectly smooth vsync due to the weird video refresh rate (please let me know if you know how), but it’s still running a hell of a lot...
  11. ShadowX

    PARSEC Supergun Project

    Thanks so much for your response! Good to know about the way grounding works for control panels/joysticks and the Parsec HAT board too. Since I'll be using a SCART input on my OSSC which doesn't handle sound apparently, if I get a Q-Sound based CPS1 or 2 game, I could actually plug in its RCA...
  12. ShadowX

    PARSEC Supergun Project

    Hello, low_budget, First off, thanks for making this! I have a Parsec v2.1 ordered, and I'm greatly looking forward to getting it. My arcade game boards I ordered months ago have been sadly just sitting around as I waited to [never] receive someone else's SuperGun model, thanks to shipping...