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  1. GeekMan1222

    [FS] Gaiapolis (Konami - 1993)

    I have a board of this, even if you suck at this game, the sprite work and presentation alone is so wonderful and beautiful you will love it <3 This has also never been ported ;P A great game being sold by a great guy! GLWS
  2. GeekMan1222

    NVS-4000 PSU and Toaplan board compatibility

    I'll get a picture of it soon. Basically the 4 pin yellow connector down at the bottom of the loom can set the speakers into separated stereo or pass through Mono. If I recall its only dependent on how the wiring is for those 4. The factory setting there's a little loop back wire and if I...
  3. GeekMan1222

    NVS-4000 PSU and Toaplan board compatibility

    So the best thing about installing an NVS-4000 series power supply into your NAC would be adding JVS power (3.3v volts) and a stereo amplifier mostly for JVS use. If you wire the power supply up correctly you can swap between JAMMA Mono sound and RCA amplified stereo sound. All you do is swap...
  4. GeekMan1222

    NVS-4000 PSU and Toaplan board compatibility

    I have an NVS-4000 PSU in my New Astro City. I don't think I have encountered a board in my personal Toaplan PCB collection that required -5v yet. If you do need -5 volts there are Jamma addon boards or other solutions that can add -5v. I have used one of these adapters on the NAC that has a...
  5. GeekMan1222

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Id probably be intrested in a couple sets when ever you have time just shoot me a PM
  6. GeekMan1222

    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    So I could be wrong here but based on the previous info shown here pin 1 is the negative pin for the left speaker. pin 2 does not seem to have a wire coming from it from the positive left line level out. If you are tying grounds together it would need to be pins 1 and 3 (in your current...
  7. GeekMan1222

    Nintendo Super System Arcade restoration

    Really good work. I always thought these cabinets had goofy looking controls never seen one in person. Is the "controller" comfortable?
  8. GeekMan1222

    Lei Shen Zhuan / Battle Garegga hack - Help / Advice needed

    Oh, Also please get a close up of the actual sound chip if you could? I think based on the listing photos you showed me it came with a boot leg Yamaha. If you really want to be "cash money" you could probably change that to an authentic Yamaha lol. But the real concern was something I saw...
  9. GeekMan1222

    Lei Shen Zhuan / Battle Garegga hack - Help / Advice needed

    I know you were sharing this with some of us earlier today and I didn't have time to give you my own thoughts. Here's some observations things to work around or try to do. ===Sound and Amp=== - Multiple leads/legs to the amplifier package look broken in your photo. - If you bridge the broken...
  10. GeekMan1222

    New Astro metal box

    Not much you can do to remove rivets easily without carefully drilling out the center. Its similar to if you had to drill out a lock core because there was no way to get the lock off without a key. As a side note since there is also probably no way to easily add screws in place of the rivets...
  11. GeekMan1222

    PCB Repair

    Google is great for finding data sheets except for those rare times you actually need a specific data sheet and it takes hours to find it or it doesnt exist online anymore. This is why I just keep digital copys of almost every datasheet and manual and schematic I ever look at now lmao.
  12. GeekMan1222

    [OPEN SOURCE] Sega player expansion board - I/O board (837-7968) reproduction

    Right on thank you, I dont want to derail this thread into a different discussion though. I was curious if those pins were for button 4 when I was cross examining the outputs schematic it seemed like there were 4th buttons for players 1 and 2 and then enough left over for at least one extra...
  13. GeekMan1222

    [OPEN SOURCE] Sega player expansion board - I/O board (837-7968) reproduction

    Bumping this up slightly hopefully its not too off topic. I been going down a rabbit hole out of pure curiosity with @Psyko-M1 and @opt2not. Its getting far to late for me to keep digging into this and its starting to get a bit over my head. Anyways Op2not has a pretty rare 16B rom board of...
  14. GeekMan1222

    Positive Feedback for benime

    Positive Feedback for @benime Espgaluda II was packed how you would expect it to be no problems.
  15. GeekMan1222

    My Egret 2 Resto

    This is really hot stuff here. Very nice work so far :D
  16. GeekMan1222

    Hello From South Carolina

    Another familiar face looks like? :rolleyes:
  17. GeekMan1222

    [SOLD] Nonworking MV-1C/MV-1FZ for parts/repair

    I used to buy up old broken Neo Geo MVS's they are good practice and the Neo Dev wiki has a TON of specific info on the chips, depending how far you want to take it. Hopefully XtraSmiley gets good practice with them. If not I wouldnt mind grabbing them my self haha
  18. GeekMan1222

    *currently out of stock Precision Measuring Devices

    Free Calipers :O I already have some calipers but this is very generous surely someone here aspiring or learning would find these very handy. You can use those to measure all sorts of stuff haha
  19. GeekMan1222

    For Sale: New Net City Extended Remote Boards

    I have ordered from DragonMinded and also recommended some of my NNC buyers to these remote boards if they were interested. The boards work great, build quality is what you would expect for something simplistic but well made. No problems buying from this user either :)
  20. GeekMan1222

    Lei Shen Zhuan / Battle Garegga hack - Help / Advice needed

    The video ground fix also is confirmed working on my board. Thanks again to @kuze for providing their example work for me to follow haha.