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  1. suprawhite

    Hello from Southern California!

    Welcome and you came to the best forum. I've learned so much from this forum and members here are extremely friendly and helpful.
  2. suprawhite

    FS: Arcade tokens and buckets

    Do you have the name and part number for #8. I’m looking for that part but have no clue what it is. Thanks
  3. suprawhite

    Looking for Vewlix Diamond/Orange Parts (White Header Panel + Full Length Move Strip Glass Panel Assembly)

    You and I are on the same boat :) I thought I was the only one hating that black sensor in the middle of the movestrip panel. Luckily, yours came with that backsplash panel while I'm stuck with that nunchuck holder. Besides, my Vewlix IO Tray came with 4 built-in PCB feet dedicated for the Taito...
  4. suprawhite

    WTB: Battery Damaged CPS2 B Boards

    I have SFA2 USA
  5. suprawhite

    IC/FS. Table Pony VH/H glass, Egret 2/29 doors, Blast Feet, Vewlix Brackets, Jaleco Pony Mk2/Mk3 Glass, Marquee (Vinyl and Glass)

    I was wondering if "Vewlix IO Tray" is the flat piece of metal with a whole bunch of built-in metal PCB feet. If it looks something like this, I'm down for one because mine came it only 4 of those metal PCB feet for the X4 IO and I'm currently using JVS IO. Thanks
  6. suprawhite

    WTB Vewlix IO Tray with 12 Built-in PCB Feet

    My Vewlix Diamond Orange came with 4 bulit-in PCB feet for the Taito Type X4 I/O. I need the one in the picture where I can mount JVS I/O.
  7. suprawhite

    Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Controller / Button Question

    I used to love it when John, the manager at Golfland in Southern California put the Happ Perfect 360 Control in Street Fighters machine. My Shoryuken would come out every single time.
  8. suprawhite

    WTB Vewlix Diamond Move Strip Panel

    While I"m at it, might as well ask just in case someone might have one extra somewhere. I posted on a separate post but no luck yet. Anyhow, I'm looking for that little plastic backsplash on the top left corner with 3 holes. It's the exact same tab on the top right, on top of the "Yen" sticker...
  9. suprawhite

    FS: Arcade tokens and buckets

    Please update what you have once you're back. I'm interested in the 100 yen coins and ashtray.
  10. suprawhite

    WTB Vewlix Diamond Move Strip Panel

    @davesarcades you got PM.
  11. suprawhite

    WTB Vewlix Diamond Move Strip Panel

    I bought Vewlix Diamond Orange that came with Magicians Dead control panel from KC over two years ago. I've been upgrading my Vewlix and one of the thing that I'm bothered with is the move strip panel. I really hate it with that black motion sensor in the middle of it. I want to get art set for...
  12. suprawhite

    Repro / Custom panel for various Japan cabinets May 5th.2021 updated.

    I'm in the process of getting a panel from @alberto1225 and he's been very informative and communicative. He always give me updates on what he's doing with a time frame when he might get it done. I can't wait to get my hand on his next repro he's doing and I'll let him announce it once it's all...
  13. suprawhite

    [FOUND] Taito type x2 with Multigame x1 x2 nesica 68 Games + MAME 5000 games SSD 250 GB

    Thank you @drfunk2k and everyone here for sharing. This is the reason why I love this forum. People here are friendly and helpful unlike other forums out there.