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  1. Nebula

    Arcade Monitor calibration guides

    Waiting for mail call here for the colorimeter recently purchased! I want to try @ShootTheCore method using RGB-PI and snes 240p test suite on my MS9s :D
  2. Nebula

    Multi Irem M92

    I think he asked about slowdowns on ITH, for example. However I believe running them on M107 will not solve those problems, they are more about not optimized code and bandwidth issues Edit: I just see that fire barrel V33 cpu runs at 14Mhz instead of 12Mhz of M92 games, don’t know if this would...
  3. Nebula

    Totally dead SFII:WW

    Is it possible that the powerful magnet at the other side of the speaker could damage some electronic components on the board?
  4. Nebula

    Send help! TAITO F2 poor image quality

    Not really sure if related, but maybe helps: Some overseas/western versions of Taito F3 boards experienced a "bleeding" effect in some video setups. That is caused becuase boards are not populated in the same way as japanese ones regarding RGB DAC and video output stage. I solved that problem a...
  5. Nebula

    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    Looking at your spreasheet I can see your readings on a MS-2932 yoke paired with Blast tube (A68KSM696X). However, I recently adquired a spare A68KJU096X tube paired with the same 31Khz only MS-2932-S chassis: Some european Naomi universal cabinets use this monitor setup. Taking a look at...
  6. Nebula

    Effort to get the GP9001 VDP chip, part of Toaplan V2 hardware, decapped

    Is there any ETA for OSSC PRO ?
  7. Nebula

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Finally!!! 8o
  8. Nebula

    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    thanks! Now it’s fairly clear. that 50V value is not more than a “placeholder” value for the BK analyzer to produce the current in a proper magnitude that it could be measured by it and check if it’s in the good area regarding G1 and G2 voltajes applied. understood. Can’t wait to test it when...
  9. Nebula

    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    Awesome work @Hatsune Mike . I will definitely give it a try using a spare MS9-29 I have. Just for curious, regarding the Grid 1 voltage, you used the same value (~65V DC) as it's used in the MS8. I assume that it could has a window-range of proper values, but in some BK-precision rejuvenator...
  10. Nebula

    Looking for a spare V33 CPU

    I was trying to figure out what's the issue in a faulty Hook PCB and I found this: Obviously that's (one of) the reason why the game doesn't even boot. Apart for any other issue that the board could have, I need to replace the main CPU (NEC uPD70136 a.k.a. V33) to make the game at least...
  11. Nebula

    CPS QSound Amp Reverse Engineering

    Me too, and I'm curious about that. @WydD just to full document it, there is also another slightly different version of the CPB-001A (yes, same reference...) that is powered directly using 12V DC and because of that, the diode bridge rectifier is replaced by a coil. Some other components may...
  12. Nebula

    CPS QSound Amp Reverse Engineering

    Thanks for your effort @WydD. Now the question is if this is only a stereo amp or it really takes a role in the Q-sound effects.
  13. Nebula

    DL-0921 / CPS-B-21 Reverse Engineering

    Awesome work! Congrats!
  14. Nebula

    Cursed Taito Egret 29: Gen X strikes again

    Great catch, buddy! It needs lots of work but it will definitely worth it. Out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of the base? Seems that removing control panel let it to pass through not big doors without needing to disassemble it at full.
  15. Nebula

    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    I would be definitely down for those CPS1 repro grey cases (Varth style), not only for the multi, but for all my CPS1 boards. I believe that it will be easier to make than cps1.5 ones and IMHO, they are more elegant to house cps1 games. Kick harness could be a problem but a small hole in the...
  16. Nebula

    RGB signal amplifiers on Kaneko Super Nova System

    Seeing that image, clearly your problem is lack of red color. The output stage of the RGB signal is on the motherboard, and maybe the culprit is the same transistor as we talked in this thread. In particular, this one:
  17. Nebula

    RGB signal amplifiers on Kaneko Super Nova System

    I finally fixed it a while ago. For reference, I used these NPN 400V 50MHz SOT-89 transistors: and they work like a charm.
  18. Nebula

    Hello from Atlanta/Madrid

    Bienvenido compatriota! Saludos desde Asturias!
  19. Nebula

    Japanese Game Center Control Panel Artwork Reproductions

    Also interested in the Hey Bub strip! Great job!