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  1. Bluetear

    FS - Repro Marquee Holders (Vewlix, Astro City, Egret, AWSD, Naomi Universal, (New) Net City, Capcom Cute)

    Definitely hate to hear it may be your last batch, @ckong, but understand the difficulty balancing work, life, hobbies, etc. I'm in for 2 Vewlix marquees if still possible. PM incoming.
  2. Bluetear

    Sega Aero City Rebuild

    That project shed looks to be pretty well stocked. At least 6 restoration threads possible from that lot. Nice collection, @misu. Sorry I don't have any useful Aero advice, @bartre, but it looks like you're well on your way to a beautiful cab. Looking forward to following the rest of the thread.
  3. Bluetear

    Nesica panel repro surround + reader housing

    I'll take a black one, if there end up being extras in this batch. No worries if not. Awesome work on this, @jermz1!
  4. Bluetear

    Ahoy hoy

    Welcome, Nicole! This is a fun place to hang out and learn how to get the best arcade experience at home. Only problem is how hard it is to keep your list of projects and wanted pcbs from growing out of hand. PGM would be a great next pickup in my view. Have fun!
  5. Bluetear

    [SOLD] IGS PGM Motherboard

    Pm incoming.
  6. Bluetear

    SEGA JVS Console I/O Board: Connect Brook Fighting Boards to your SEGA Cabinets!

    Snagged one just now along with a Vewlix to Sega I/O. Pumped to begin running this sweet setup. Thanks a ton, @Arthrimus!
  7. Bluetear

    SEGA JVS Console I/O Board: Connect Brook Fighting Boards to your SEGA Cabinets!

    This is awesome, @Arthrimus. Thanks for the effort required to make these available. I believe that this would also work in conjunction with your Vewlix SEGA I/O Adapter Kit (which I hope may again be available soon) in order to easily connect my Sega I/O equipped Vewlix simultaneously to the...
  8. Bluetear

    Hello from Toronto, Canada

    Welcome, @atshrivas. This is a great place to spend time, but a word of'll suck you in quick. Given your path so far, for example, I'll bet you pick up at least 2 more planned projects and/or other arcade boards before you even finish up the Naomi. I'm excited for you.
  9. Bluetear

    FS: Custom Pac Man Theme Cocktail Arcade Cabinet Table Over 1000 Games + 2 Stools

    I'm 95% convinced this is an inside job. You have to know this community pretty well to push this many buttons in a single (or I guess now, a couple) posts. As much as I want this to be a real person walking into a new room and totally--and I mean totally--misjudging the vibe, it's gotta be one...
  10. Bluetear

    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    Everything looks so damn fresh! I'm more excited than I should be to see it all come together in the end. Great work, @stringbean.
  11. Bluetear

    New Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    Awesome work, @everten! I can't believe how quickly you're working through these custom designs. Once you sell a bunch of these and take a well-deserved break, the Atomiswave (in addition to the single slot MVS systems) could use the attention of a man of your skill level. The AW would require...
  12. Bluetear

    Anyone Able to Track Down This USFIV Art?

    I'm planning to reproduce the oversized Ultra Street Fighter IV Vewlix marquee used at a number of game centers including at some Taito Station locations. Here's what it looks like: I'm sure a digital version of the underlying image is available somewhere, but I've somehow not been able to...
  13. Bluetear

    Japanese Game Center Control Panel Artwork Reproductions

    This project has expanded beyond my initial expectations and I really want to get as many of these custom designs preserved--especially given that so many game centers are closing every week in Japan of late. The bad news is that it has taken me a lot longer to redraw the artwork and text for...
  14. Bluetear

    SEGA IO adapter for Vewlix cabinets

    There's also a sales thread for these here: Myself and others have expressed interest in purchasing them when they are available. @Arthrimus recently let the forum know he plans to pick back up some...
  15. Bluetear

    Japanese Game Center Control Panel Artwork Reproductions

    Bub and others will finally be delivered in short order. Sorry about the delays for anybody that's interested in downloading and printing one or more for their cabs. The good news is that I've just about finished up the very complex Try Amusement Tower art reproduction and also found some...
  16. Bluetear

    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff

    Maybe I misunderstand your specific questions, but I believe the first post by @Murray speaks to both points. Yes, it can indeed run the X2 multi by @Niko (but the usable image has not been created by @Niko and is not without some bugs) and, yes, an X3 system can also capably run MAME.
  17. Bluetear

    Control Panel button remapper??

    Lookin' nice and clean, @Aurich. Yeah, mounting in Vewlix is a bit simpler as I'm just making a custom sub-panel to the left of the Nesica reader.
  18. Bluetear

    Control Panel button remapper??

    Thanks again for all the collected info here, guys. It's helping to guide my custom rotary switch implementation in my new VLX. I wanted to have 4 different remapped configs for two players and I wanted the ability to remap all seven buttons for each player. Needless to say, the wiring gets a...
  19. Bluetear

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    Also seems likely to be Sega's final multipurpose/lever and buttons cab. I'd expect a good number more will be produced and sold in conjunction with the eventual release of Guilty Gear Strive, but after that it's hard to imagine Sega will continue to produce them for very long. Great time to...