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  1. stlpaul

    MV1-FS Video Jittery

    Looks like 2 days ago on GBS-C bug tracker Rama stated Neo-Geo is still a known issue I have AES and MVS and neither works properly with GBS-C (distortion at top, and lots of freeze/dropped frames). I haven't tried downgrading the firmware...
  2. stlpaul

    Games with Issues

    Multi AES FW 0x0491 build 0xa512 top 0x50e0 menu Nov 22 2019 Hardware: Neo Geo AES JP version, with original japan bios System config on the menu is set to AES/USA, but Street Hoop/Street Slam/Dunk Dream plays in Japanese mode anyway Also confirm Galaxy Fight and Super Dodge Ball resets as...
  3. stlpaul

    Get your AES Multi here

    Received mine from highscoresave a few days ago, finally got a chance to hook up my AES and everything seems to work perfectly so far. Japanese AES with no mods, original BIOS. Using original PRO-POW3 power supply. Packaging with the shell and case looks amazing. I also have the MVS version...
  4. stlpaul

    Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread

    would it be possible for the firmware/menu updater process to automatically clear the nvram/delete the buff file? Or are these steps that should not be needed (eventually) when everything else is fine-tuned?
  5. stlpaul

    Neo Geo Roll-Up Pack: All ROMs for the MVS & AES Multis

    Instructions are in the first post here: Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread
  6. stlpaul

    Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions

    It's exactly the same for me, too. Using the latest firmware/menu (as of the time of this post), Unibios 3.3, on MV-1FS. My SD card in diagnostics is about 30MB/s read and write. If I clear the backup RAM from the menu before exiting the menu, it skips that delay and goes directly to flashing...
  7. stlpaul

    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Received mine already yesterday from HSS! Got a translucent grey one. Looks killer in my consolized mv-1fs. Thanks :)
  8. stlpaul

    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Finally pulled the trigger and ordered one from HSS. A year late to the party, but here I come... :) I have a consolized MV-1FS. The compatibility problem should be fixed already, right? Or do I have to mod something? :thumbup:
  9. stlpaul

    Can anyone confirm MultiMVS operation with the Omega?

    AFAIK that's just a cosmetic thing, wanting the cart label to face the "good" direction. I don't think it makes a difference to the actual operation of the device.
  10. stlpaul

    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Congrats on the release :) but $564 USD with shipping... that's a spicy meatball. Seems the $400 price guess in the preorder thread was quite a bit off. It pains me but I'm going to skip it for now. :unsure: I'll wait until there is hopefully a sale someday, or a US distributor (no tax +...
  11. stlpaul

    Wifi SDCARD support for developers

    I don't have the answer to your question, but should there not be a better solution you could perhaps use an SD-to-microSD adapter such as one of these:
  12. stlpaul

    NEOGEO + AES Multigame cartridge - NEW POLL INCLUDED. PLEASE VOTE!

    Looks amazing... my wallet is ready :)
  13. stlpaul

    What's Your Neo-Geo Motherboard?

    Consolized MV-1FS
  14. stlpaul

    Preorder interest check

    +1 MVS :thumbup:
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    The amazing part is, my dad took out a cocktail Pac-Man game that had been 100% underwater... muddy water... there were actually dead fish inside the Pac-Man cabinet. He took it in front of the house and sprayed it with the garden hose... insides and outside... after letting it all dry out in...
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    Hi! :) I was born in the 70's and when I was a kid my dad ran his own small coin-op amusement company, so our house was always full of pinballs, video games, jukeboxes, slot machines, etc. He would bring home the games being repaired or refurbished so I got to see lots of the internals of the...