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  1. werejag

    mvs unibios 4.0

    4.0 has a anti tampering feature.
  2. werejag

    wtb a 3d print of gcplug hdmi dongle

    looking for a black printed case for the gcplug opensource project in usa
  3. werejag

    HAPP light guns on Atomiswave?

    on the i/o cart.
  4. werejag

    HAPP light guns on Atomiswave?

    what is the conector specs jst? molex ?
  5. werejag

    [FREE] NEO-GEO MV1C and MV1FZ motherboards - Giveaway Concluded.

    congrats to the winners and Arthrimus for putting this on.
  6. werejag

    wtb: ir toy usb v3

    im looking for an assembled and tested usb ir toy.
  7. werejag

    *currently out of stock Precision Measuring Devices

    i would love to have one to measure a few parts
  8. werejag

    wtb: pgm test cart

    looking for a cart to use in testing a igs pgm dont matter what it is.
  9. werejag

    f/s Custom aluminium dreamcast shells ultimate mod

    damn this is so nice id never beable to have something this nice. nice job on this hope someone buys it
  10. werejag

    f/s Custom aluminium dreamcast shells ultimate mod

    looks very nice. the logo changed colors? what does inside look like
  11. werejag

    looking for someone to sandblast and power coat a small metal case.

    this will be two part case the size of a hdd. i would like it properly preped/sandblasted from rust and powder coated gdrom drive color.
  12. werejag

    Hey Arcade Projects!

    welcome to the forums
  13. werejag

    Why did nobody warn me?

    sorry to heard about your loss..... money that is
  14. werejag

    CPS3 new Simms. Pick your name.

    will the real simshady please stand up
  15. werejag

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    im interested