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  1. Nic034

    Location of Backup Rams on Slot MVH-1 change by Fram

    Yes so this cannot be done automatically, how can this be done in our case, using a specific schematic and ic ?
  2. Nic034

    Location of Backup Rams on Slot MVH-1 change by Fram

    note : I confirm that i mount fake FE1808 (aliexpress) into Saturn and loose 1h to understand why the save do not work.. SRAM branded as FRAM.. Did FE1808 need to have the pin 22 lift and grounded to have active low with MVS (so grounded) like in Saturn FRAM mod ? Or did we need a special...
  3. Nic034

    Help with AES

    trace repair could be sometimes great but you cannot be sure contact is great. for sure in upper picture, traces are not great for me (what also try to clean pcb between trace to avoid contact issues. What is the root cause of this trace corrosion ? try to avoid signal issue using direct end...
  4. Nic034

    Help with AES

    Theses corners seems to have bad traces no ?
  5. Nic034

    Help with AES

    If you have some microscope check the B1 pins/trace or directly reflow them using great smd flux. Sometimes the trace repair do not permit the signal to pass correctly. Also check if traces do not have contacts each others. Try using thin patch cable to be sure.
  6. Nic034

    Help with AES

    Hi, Reflow neo-b1 chip using great flux ? Graphic issue on aes 3-6 root cause B1
  7. Nic034

    CPS-2 board with exploded battery, minimal spread

    Better to use a chipquik Alloy (chipquik SMD kit) in order to avoid damaged trace to popup when heat will be applied. Chip will be easily removed with this to perform a great pcb cleaning then put it backup in place. Heating a damaged motherboard is not a good option for sure to removed any smd...
  8. Nic034

    NEO-AES3-5 is turning me mad, help please

    Great choice !
  9. Nic034

    CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Yes same issue for sure for me :)
  10. Nic034

    CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Hi About removing solder off smd pins, best options is using good « tin soldering braid » around 350deg cel). Be careful using this technique ! Not recommended, but the most common. using hot temp with smd chips can quickly destroy the chip or partially destroy it, removing the ability to...
  11. Nic034

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Really amazing and big ! Huge work ! 😎 Thanks Nicolas
  12. Nic034

    CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Thanks a lot Darksoft !
  13. Nic034

    Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0

    Hi Great interesting project ! Did you plan to propose it with HAS video input RGBS and output RGBS pinout and connector ? I use pacogun of @pacoarcade at this time which is for me the best for sure supergun I’ve ever seen ! and I usually have some troubles with Midway MK sync / frame rate...
  14. Nic034

    How to clean a CPS2 case?

    Hi Take a look here :
  15. Nic034

    Flashing CPS3 Carts - 29F400T not erasing

    Bad adapter, bad settings or bad eeprom. (Also confirm the eeprom is correctly inserted into adapter and adapter is the correct one 8 bit adapter for exemple) Can you query the software to confirm the eeprom ID correctly ? Is the eeprom inserted into the correct adapter pin ? Is there some...
  16. Nic034

    NBA Hangtime Sound stop working after few minutes

    pcb caps to be replaced, try to find a cap kit :)
  17. Nic034

    Help with GQ-4x4 with ADP-054 adapter - burning 27C322 Roms

    I suggest to change first the eprom eraser for future use :) Chinese eprom eraser can be dangerous for eyes and don't have security ! (be carefull for your eyes !) I personnaly own this one below which works fine, but minimum erase time is 30min (prefer to perform 2x 30min on the eprom before...
  18. Nic034

    Anyone out there fix CPS3 Boards?

    I think it's this one, a bit expensive on ebay.. It could also be the mob caps, i suggest you to also replace them preventively, please find a kit here. Console 5 shop is a great shop...
  19. Nic034

    Help with GQ-4x4 with ADP-054 adapter - burning 27C322 Roms

    Strange i had the same issue in the past when eeprom are bad.