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  1. darthpaul86

    Hi from Melb, Vic

    Hi All, hope you are all well. Just got a sega blast city and loving it. Nice to meet you all. I am from Melboune, VIC, Australia. My name is Paul and I am 34. I grew to love arcade machines from an early childhood, visiting Time-Zone and the likes. After visiting Dallas I wanted a Sega...
  2. darthpaul86

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Hey Eveyone! 1. darthpaul86 2. VIC 3. Im a bit of a noob so cant help currently. 4. Nothing at the moment, just got my blast city so that will keep me entertained for a while! 5. No Social Media, I do have steam, I believe it's darth_paul_88 Pleased to meet you all!