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  1. Micromort

    1cc Shirts - size L (SOLD)

    ALL SOLD - thx 4 or 5 years ago 1CC Shirts released a bunch of cool T-shirts each month. I found some in my basement. They're all Gildan brand, size Large. Some of them (sega saturn, NMK) have been worn a bunch.... the others, maybe washed 2 or 3 times max. The hudson soft shirt has slight...
  2. Micromort

    FS: OSSC (needs a repair) - SOLD

    Selling my OSSC that does not power on. I know for sure it needs the F1 fuse replaced because I am an idiot and plugged the wrong polarity power supply into it... I checked with a multimeter and there's no continuity at F1. It might also need a TVS diode replaced as well. Aside from that, I...
  3. Micromort

    all sold, thx!

    Hi, Selling a few things that are basically sitting in boxes. All prices include shipping in the USA (CONUS pls). If you're international we can probably work something out. Paypal for payment, you cover the fees. RetroUSB AVS NES - 150 shipped...
  4. Micromort

    SOLD Mushihimesama PCB (2-dot), cavewich included

    **SOLD** I'll throw some pictures up after work. Mushihimesama loose PCB, cavewich included. This is the "2 dot" version that can be difficult to source sometimes. $530 plus fees - shipping with tracking and insurance is included. USA only at this time. Note: This listing will only be up...
  5. Micromort

    SOLD: XRGB mini framemeister

    SOLD: XRGB Mini Box (original, not shown in pic), power supply (original, not shown in pic), Remote (english overlay sticker), JP21 Scart cable, D-Terminal cable, no stand SOLD - $335 includes shipping
  6. Micromort


    ---------------------------------------------------------------- XRGB - 3 - SOLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- Unit, Power supply (has tape on it, works fine) and Remote. Newer firmware (english). Less lag than a mini. $160 PPG - price includes shipping...
  7. Micromort

    ​SOLD: Taito Type X2 mobo & multigame HDD

    SOLD --------------------------------------------------------------- Taito Type X2 Mobo and HDD ---------------------------------------------------------------- 7900GS Model 208A Includes multigame HDD (arcademodbios, not the free one, but you can do as you please with it.) Upgraded RAM to...
  8. Micromort

    FS: all sold

    all sold! (for now)
  9. Micromort

    SOLD: CAVE Akai Katana kit

    ----------------SOLD!!!!------------------ FS: Akai Katana kit - box, inst, move strip, marquee, pop Not looking for trades at this time. $1300 shipped - USA only I'll get some pics up later tonight when I get out of work! ----------------SOLD!!!------------------
  10. Micromort

    SOLD: Sega Saturn RHEA - play games from SD card

    This item has been SOLD. Get rid of those pesky discs! I have a brand new Rhea board. Installation instructions and more info here. Please make sure you have the correct Saturn model (20 pin, VA0 / VA1) $135 paypal
  11. Micromort


    Seeing some familiar faces from NG and elsewhere. I have a few candy cabs, some arcade PCBs, most of the older consoles (everdrive when possible). I'm not much of a collector, but I love hardware. Glad to be here! SUPER pumped about the future releases....