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  1. K0NAM1

    WTB: cheap working Gyruss bootleg

    Hi, Looking for a cheap working Gyruss bootleg. Thanks. Richard
  2. K0NAM1

    [WTB][AU] Virtua Stick High Grade HSN-0011

    Hi, Any Aussies got one they would part with, I'm not having a lot of luck getting one through the Japanese Yahoo auctions and so thought I would try here? Cheers Richard
  3. K0NAM1

    Repairing TMNT bootleg - SYNC wtf?

    Hi, I have a TMNT board, its a bootleg but it has all the customs so I'm guessing the schematic won't be that far off. My first hurdle... I'm getting erratic SYNC (I can hear SYNC with my logic probe) on my OSSC (NO SYNC flashes on/off), it won't lock and so no picture, fine, OK, so I enable...
  4. K0NAM1

    When OSSC refuses to sync on TMNT...

    Hi, The OSSC has been great, I haven't had to change any settings most arcade boards just work. I have TMNT, from what I read it's supposed to be 288x224 @ 60.00Hz. The board should be working "enough" to display an image but I just get a blank screen, on the OSSC LCD I just see it flick...
  5. K0NAM1

    Repair spares bin

    Hi, On a lot of repair posts, I've noticed a lot of I just piggbacked a new xyz IC on top of the suspected bad xyz IC, what are the DIP IC spares that you like to have around and where is the best place to buy them today? Cheers Richard
  6. K0NAM1

    Two scavenged TMNT bootlegs - get one working?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to repair, I'm going to try and get one working board out of two duds anyway (I managed to bring an Amiga A2000 back using this method), I have plenty of time at the moment. These bootlegs are using Konami customs and have an another PCB...
  7. K0NAM1

    What should I buy?

    Hi, I'm a newbie on Neo-Geo hardware, if you were just starting out and wanted to dip your toe in the water (I <3 Metal Slug 3), the cheapest way possible but taking future expandability into account, what would you buy, I have an OSSC if it helps? LEVEL UP if you can point me to reasonably...
  8. K0NAM1

    Ghouls 'n Ghosts​

    Hi, Apologies I'm a bit of a multi newbie. While I'm waiting for a CPS1 multi, I want to build a Ghouls 'n Ghosts, I loved GnG as a kid! So from what I've read it's doable with any A board (might have to change the CPU speed to 10MHz), do I need to source a CPS-B-01 or can I use any CPS-B...
  9. K0NAM1

    Can I use MAME CHD's to make a game CD for System 573

    Hi, Can I use MAME CHD's to make a game CD for System 573, ultimately I would like to use the tattiebogle IDE simulator to run Konami 80's which I believe doesn't need a security cart. Using chdman to do a cue+bin gives me cue formats cannot contain subcode data warnings so I did toc+bin, this...
  10. K0NAM1

    Konami System 573

    Hi, If I pickup any System 573 board, is there a way for me to run Konami 80 on it from DVDR? The information about this on the web is scarce. Thanks. Richard
  11. K0NAM1

    WTB: Konami 80

    Hi, Wanting to buy Konami 80's Arcade Gallery (System 573) board, preferably from someone in AU. Thanks. Richard
  12. K0NAM1

    Hi from Sydney

    Hi Everyone, I have a few Konami arcade boards, no cab as yet. Cheers Richard