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  1. Invader

    Irem M72 multi kit installation & support

    Just installed the M72 multi. I used a X-Multiply as a donor board and followed exactly the explanations on the first page here. It works perfectly, thank you a lot @Apocalypse and @Mitsurugi-w for developing and distributing this great multi, it is fantastic to have all the M72 games on one...
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    PGM multicart interest check

    A PGM multi would be great and I definitely would buy one :)
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    I definitely would love to buy a "1x OLED selector + remote PCB ($65)", could you add me to the list? I received the S16b multi already and installed it. It's a great device and I have a lot of fun with it : )
  4. Invader

    Multi Irem M92

    I definitely would be interested in a M92 multi :)
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    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    @kidpanda I had the same graphical errors using my Golden Axe doner board. The Golden Axe board has an additional security chip, marked red in the image below. Removing this chip did solve the issue for me and the multi is working like a charm :smile: Big thanks to @Mitsurugi-w and...
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    Weird PGM graphics glitches on Cave conversions (but not original carts)

    I don't know if this helps, but I had a similar issue. I had glitches on the Cave conversions of Dodonpachi DaiOuJou, but all original PGM games did work well. For me decreasing the voltage did the trick, I went even a little bit below 5V. Big thanks to @mastercello for his tip and helping me...
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    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi Darksoft Thank you for the welcome. I'm a big fan of your multi's :) I have already your Capcom CPS2, Taito F3 and Sega STV multi. I like to express a big thank you for developing these multi's and for all your great work :thumbsup:
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    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi Mitsurugi-w Thank you for the welcome and for all your great work helping with the development and distribution of the multi kits, this is highly appreciated :thumbsup:
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    Hi from Switzerland

    Same here, if I have an hour to shut down after work it's definitely a shmup or a shooter, but if I can find some more time than I rather drawn to jrpg's. The link looks cool and it would definitely be great to build it from scratch. I have some (basic) soldering experience but I did realize...
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    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi mastercello Good to see that here are also people from Switzerland :) I'm living in Zürich, where are you from? I think I saw your posting on the Dodonpachi DaiOuJou convertion on a couple of weeks ago, but I did pass on it since it was a bundle with the PGM board which I have...
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    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi Frank_fjs and RHvdW Thank you for the welcome. What me favorite game/pcb is, is a really difficult question and I would have to put more thought into it before I could give you an answer. I collected so far 1000+ original games for all kind of different systems (mainly for consoles, and I...
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    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi my name is Mathias Since I'm new here I shortly like to introduce myself. When I was 6 years old in 1983 I received my first computer, an IBM PC XT with 4 color CGA, yeay (My father was working for IBM) where I developed my love for computer games. One of the first games I remember playing...
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    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Great. I'm absolutely interested and definitely will buy one. Can you put me on the interest list and potentially the waiting list :) Many thanks