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  1. Escarioth

    WTB : double dragon , top board

    Only have half of it. Anyone has the top part with jamma ?
  2. Escarioth

    Nintendo VS. Gun

    is there a way to hook up the Nintendo vs gun when you use the pcb with jamma adapter on another cab ? I dont own a nintendo vs./playchoice cab
  3. Escarioth

    WTB - Turbo Force & Raiden II

    A friend of mine always wanted to find those 2 games I know if i can find them... it'll bring back the fire in him :) anyone with these around ? thx :)
  4. Escarioth

    Polo 25" sync?

    Had a lot of people for my little girl's birthday and everyone wanted to play arcade games. Well.. It didnt go well with the screen. Anyone ever experienced stuff like that? Ill sure take any help Edit : i asked @Mitsurugi-w to move this to the monitor thread, sorry for the mistake...
  5. Escarioth

    WTB trackballs

    Have a small project id like to make :) i'll need some trackballs. (working ones) i'd need 3x 3" ball type
  6. Escarioth

    Astérix marquee/bezel ?

    I never found anything related to bezel artwork or marquee for asterix game. does it even exist ? i was a bit sour about not finding anything so i decided to make my own, but if anyone has one , i would be curious to see what's it looks like :)
  7. Escarioth

    Tmnt / TMHT question :)

    I will have a Teenage mutant hero turtles pcb. being currently limited to only 2 players for my cab i was planing on changing the 4 chips to be able to play any of the caracters. (ill keep the originals just in case) Since i use a *Hero* type and not a *ninja* can i use the 2p ninja version in...
  8. Escarioth

    Looking for dynamite duke stuff

    Hi. Friend and i wanted to restore an old dynamite duke. I was aiming to check arcadeartwork.Org... But sadly has been down for a while... Anyone had these scans somewhere? I need marquee, sideart and anything else related if possible (its an old cabal cab if i remember) Thx!!!
  9. Escarioth

    HDD question

    Hi ! this time it's not about smoking HDD :P A friend of mine just purchased a Maximum Force cab. he says it was working perfectly when he powered it on while with seller, but back home...well.. surprise ! this is the start screen. (see picture) my guess is that the HDD is now busted...
  10. Escarioth

    Cab smoking

    Hi everyone :) My friend have a dynamite Duke cab (original ? hmmm hard to say) It's been working for years but recently a puff of smoke went from the cab and then no more game. He put the cab in my garage back home so we can get a better view at the problem. after a while, we decided to try...
  11. Escarioth

    CPS3 black screen

    Hello to anyone who can provide help. :) Currently found an old CPS3 system completely stripped of his old ram + games. so with time, i manage to find 64ram (2x)+ Darksoft's 128 ram (4x) + multi cart cd rom is finally plugged in and i'm ready to test this baby :) aaaaand well.. all i get is...
  12. Escarioth

    Sexy parodius just made something weird.

    I was testing the PCB i recently just got. it played fine all from begining to 1st boss. when it died, there<s a loud explosion sound but....while playing, sound more music even if i get back to the menu. i decided to close the game completely. i waited a min. when i booted up...
  13. Escarioth

    Sexy Parodius Case

    Why ? well because i like making these XD lots of work ahead. but i'm working on a design and some picture i decided to use... also had to use my redraw skills...with a mouse. (wish i had some pen and tablet) anyway ! Got my PCB at last so i can start to take all the measurement i need :)...
  14. Escarioth

    Positive Feedback for Jassin000

    Yeah quite late for that sorry, Just noticed that thread. o_o Thanks to Jassin000 for the Knights of the round Boards-B and C wich is one of the cleanest boards i own works perfect and love to play it ! thank you again !
  15. Escarioth

    Learning repairs :)

    Hi ! got a friend who has one of these babies that he wanted to give me. Its only missing one cable. He has no use for it anymore along with a frenquency maker ( not know if its the right name for it) i wanted to start learning the repair ways, having already some working PCB you never...
  16. Escarioth

    Atari Tetris Case

    Well yeah ! i wanted to make a small case for fun to properly store or use Tetris Atari. the main idea is to put a picture of the Tetris castle surrounded by block of the game. a bit like the opening screen :) i loved the idea.. throw the design at the machine here and crossed fingers. well...
  17. Escarioth

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Hi :) As some of you know, i decided to make Aluminum cases For our precious PCB. I hate seeing them piled up, unprotected or in bags. I'd prefer have them proudly displayed when i don't need them. Sure, boxes would be fine but i'd like to go a step higher in making a nice product. (but...
  18. Escarioth

    Jojo's bizarre adventure

    I wonder if someone has a marquee about that cps3 game ? I Would like a scan or if someone made their own. I saw jojo's venture but none about the other (does it even exist) Anyway any infos is welcome. If you also have bezel art for jojo id be happy to able to get it. Well...else ill make...
  19. Escarioth

    WTB CPS3 64 simm

    Hi , well.. i managed to get hold of a CPS3 i'm currently missing 2x 64 simms. :whistling: anyone with some for sale ? thanks for any infos
  20. Escarioth

    Vertical games on horizontal crt

    i currently have an horizontal cab and a vertical style cocktail. :thumbup: I was wondering if vertical style games would work on the horizontal crt. Would game just get smaller to fit ? Can it damage the crt ? Its a 25" (polo hantarex) Thanks for any infos :D