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  1. santa978

    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    Hi yo, I hope you guys are doing well, I have a question about the Naomi VGA cable, all the cables I have that came with the units have one pin missing. Is this normal ? is it OK to use a regular PC VGA cable on Naomi to say a Nano arcade monitor? The blue VGA is for PC
  2. santa978

    FS : SEGA I/O Board 837-14645-04

    Pm sent
  3. santa978

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    take my stimulus @Darksoft
  4. santa978

    Ringedge 2 Capcom I/O issue.

    will this I/O work for the RE2?
  5. santa978

    SFA us boar to X-Men vs Street Fighter CPS2 ?

    HI yo peeps, I have a Street Fighter Alpha CPS2 game & I found these rooms Capcom X-Men vs Street Fighter. can I use this on the SFA USA board? Do I need to change the jumpers on the board? if so what jumpers have to be open? thanks for the help.
  6. santa978

    FS: Black Tiger PCB $225, SF 2 WW CPS1, New Zealand Story

    Hi Yo! Do you have pictures?
  7. santa978

    Sega ringedge 2 no image

    ok I'm stuck again, RE2 boots ok, but now is not recognizing the capcom i/o that's from the Naomi set up. what do I do now? some forums say the capcom i/o should work others that theirs issues.......
  8. santa978

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    They build them after you order, they have a waitlist so it's going to take some time, I order some stuff in January and the excitement is killing me, can't wait till it gets here =)
  9. santa978

    Analougue Super Nt UN-open

    Hi peeps I hope you are all well, I have a Super nt for trade, I got it for my son but he doesn't want it so...... I'm looking for a clean working Sega Saturn with the Action Replay 4M Plus cartridge ( I want to do the terraonion mode on it) or maybe a make a deal for PS4 Pro )
  10. santa978

    Sega ringedge 2 no image

    Yes, thank you @muckyfingers, now it gives me a error and reboots, but making progress
  11. santa978

    Sega ringedge 2 no image

    Looks like its running now, took out the ram and GPU and clean it, how ever I have no clue how to change the resolution
  12. santa978

    [SOLVED] RingEdge stuck on stand by

    will this ram work on the Sega RE2? and will this CPU work on the sega RE2...
  13. santa978

    Sega ringedge 2 no image

    This is the damage on the case
  14. santa978

    Sega ringedge 2 no image

    Hi yo, just got a RE2 I turned it on but I cant get any sound or video image out of it. I'm not familiar with this system can someone waive me a few hits on what to do. So fat I have tried both video outputs on the video card and no luck, all the fans turn on a the led's inside. Thank you for...
  15. santa978

    Get your AES Multi here

    Dam =( this is sad news, I wanted one so bad to the point I would have sent you my nude feet pictures =P
  16. santa978

    FS/FT CPS3 multi

  17. santa978

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    add me plaese!
  18. santa978

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    WIll this C boar work for the CPS-1 multi?
  19. santa978

    FS/FT CPS3 multi

    Sweet I'm really interested on a working cps3 motherboard, thanks
  20. santa978

    FS/FT CPS3 multi

    Any solo cps3 motherboard in your inventory?