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    Price Check: Mortal Kombat 1, Rabius Lepus/Rabbit Punch, FM TOWNS MARTY + Games

    Hey Guys, I am looking to aggressively pay down debt and move along some stuff that is doubled or I can't see myself playing. I wondering fair prices for this stuff: 1. Mortal Kombat PCB - 1 board with working sound board 2. Rabio Lepus PCB - I love this on the pc engine but I can move off...

    JROK issues on Consumer CRT

    Hey Everyone, It's been awhile but I finally have some time to sort through some arcade stuff again. Anyway, my friend and I are trying to get an old SNK rotary cabinet up and running (Guerilla War). We are pretty much close to the end but all the monitor solutions are giving us problems. We...

    Positive Feedback for GLSTAR

    Hi, This is positive feedback for GLstar. He communicated often and clearly and shipping the package well. Thanks! Great transaction.

    Positive Feedback for Goran!

    Hello, This is just a thank you and positive feedback for Goran and his sale of Jamma PCBs. He is a great seller and packed the items very well. Great communicator as well. Cheers!

    Zero Team USA Suicide Battery Fix / Garbled Character Sprites Issue

    Hello All, This isn't a particularly hard fix but I take some pride that this is the first fix I did myself! With no soldering skills... :) Anyway, the information for fixing a Zero Team board that has committed suicide due to the battery is in all sorts of pockets of the web and credit goes...

    CPS1 Varth Board missing sound effects?

    Hi, I have CPS1 Varth that doesn't seem to play all the sound effects/music when playing. The game also boots up fine and plays well otherwise. When going into the test menu...there seems to be sound files that don't play anything when selected. Any ideas here? Could it be regional...

    WTB: Sun Power Supply for Naomi Universal (400-5397-1)

    Hello, I am looking for a working Sun Power Supply for a Naomi Universal. Also, can anyone cap or fix and Sun power supply that isn't working? Or does anyone have or make ATX to JVS PSU adapters?

    Blazeon PCB not "starting" up

    Hello, So, I got my hands on a Blazeon PCB that supposed to be working. It boots up fine and sounds good. It plays the attract sequence nicely. It accepts credits but it will not register when the 1P or 2P to start playing. It just sits there on the press start screen doing nothing. I will...

    Great Seller & Thanks to kingcar!

    Hello! I just wanted to leave positive feedback for Kingcar. I bought a few boards off of him and they arrived quickly and were well packed (extra special thank you for the gummies!) Great experience and a great seller. Very classy. :)

    Primal Rage Jamma Adapter

    Hey, A primal rage board (the board itself is comically big) fell into my possession. :) The arcade version is much better than any of the ports by a wide margin. However, reading up about the boards has led me to learn the original cabinets had their own audio and subwoofer solution and did...

    Positive Feedback - beast1x5

    Hello All, I just wanted to leave positive feedback for Beast1x5 for hooking me up with a Street Fighter vs. X-men board. It was packed great and plays great. :)

    Derick2K - Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

    Hello All, Add this as another +1 to a fantastic forum member. Derick2K hooked me up with a SEGA ashtray and coins. He shipped them beautifully and now my little SEGA corner is mostly complete (once I get the cabinet up and running again :whistling: ). Thank you so much to Derick2K.


    Hello All, I'm a Psikyo shmup fan and I am looking to pick up a few titles: 1. Gunbarich 2. ESP Ra.De 3. Fever SOS 4. Cyvern 5. Final Star Force 6. Thunder Dragon 2 (or other NMK titles) 7. Brave Blade Also, I am just generally interested in STG titles in general. Thanks!

    Surprise Attack Help

    Hello All, I got my hands on a Konami Surprise Attack board and it booted up and was playing generally fine. I noticed a small graphics glitch on the characters and so I pressed down on the rom chips to make sure they were seated correctly and there was a socketed chip that seemed to be shaky...

    Derick2K - Positive Feedback & Many Thanks!

    Hello All, I just wanted to give a great shout out and a mega thanks to Derick2K for selling me one of his Blast City Cabinets and hooking me up the Capcom tokens. :thumbsup: He is a great seller. Not only was he kind and willing to hear my crazy plan to have my friend drive out 10 hours...

    keiichi331 - Positive Feedback

    Hi Everyone, I purchased an NHL Open Ic PCB from Keiichi331 and everything went perfectly. The board is great and works fantastic. He sent me nice clear pictures, communicated all the details well and the packaging job was impressive. :thumbsup: Easily the best packaged arcade board I've had...

    Mortal Kombat 1 Sound Help

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get or could make replacement sounds wires for Mortal Kombat 1. I almost have my hands on a working pcb and sound board but it lacks the wires to hook the two together - can anyone help? Cheers & Thanks you!

    Mitsururgi-w Positive Feedback - Many thanks!

    I just wanted to leave positive feedback for Mitsururgi-w. :thumbsup: So far I have picked up the ST-V remote, a CPS3 Superbios, A CPS3 128 SIMM, and got the CPS2 Multikit crackle fix all done by Mitsururgi-w. Everything was packed very well and shipped quickly. The instructions are clear and...

    Where to find small form factor Power Supply +5V, -5V +,12V

    I am trying to replace the power supply in a Pana Custom. I need a low profile power supply that does the typical +5V, -5V, +12V so the joysticks don't hit against the top of the power supply. The original one died and most other one I've come across are too big. Any help would be appreciated.

    [WTB] NHL Open Ice 2-on-2 Hockey PCB

    HI All, I am looking to pick up a NHL Open Ice PCB arcade board. Obviously one in good condition and working. Thanks!