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  1. Chelnov

    27 Inch monitor recomendations

    Which 27 inch monitor will you say is the best I'm looking for FULL-RANGE monitors. So far i'm looking at the WG-D9200 but the reviews i see online are mixed. Who know maybe they are great and ppl only complain when they have issues. Thanks everyone!
  2. Chelnov

    How can I hide scratches in the side-art

    Anyone one has any advice on how to hide side-art scratches? It doesn't have to be perfect. just good enough so is not the first thing you see when you look at it but you can still see it when you are looking for it. Thanks everyone!
  3. Chelnov

    New CRT monitor purchases as of May 2021 - Do you know any good sites?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone knows good sites where you can still purchase CRT monitors? So far I only know of this one > If you guys know any other sites that STILL sell CRT in 2021 please let me know. Thanks!
  4. Chelnov

    Hantarex Polo 25 Questions.

    Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions about a Hantarex Polo 25. First of all I just started getting into old arcade monitors. I have this Hantarex on the MK2 Cabinet that I'm restoring and it is working fine but I noticed that the were a couple of caps that were bulging at the top. So I...
  5. Chelnov

    WTB - Mortal Kombat 2

    if possible 3.1 please PM me!
  6. Chelnov

    [FOUND]- Mortal Kombat 2 PCB (3.1) (with sound board)

    Hello everyone, If anyone wants to sell an MK2 board board please PM me :) Thanks!
  7. Chelnov

    Atari Tetris PBC

    Hey everyone! I'm thinking on getting an atari tetris pcb. Does anyone knows if I need a 4 or an 8-way joystick? Thanks!
  8. Chelnov

    Free to a Good home

    If you live in Georgia close to Monroe about an hour from Atlanta and you are interested in a CRT TV to play your classic consoles hit me up. I'm getting rid of a few of my TVs. they are all Sony and Toshiba with component inputs. My only condition is that you do not get one to try to flip it...
  9. Chelnov

    Chassis from AliExpress

    Hello everyone, has anyone purchase these cheap chassis from AliExpress? if so can you share your experience with them? I was thinking on getting one for a 25 inch monitor.
  10. Chelnov

    [FOUND][WTB]- CP3 System and/or PCB

    Hey everyone, If anyone has a CP3 board for sale please hit me up. If you have a whole system with CD-ROM the SDCard thingy instead please PM as well. Thanks! djsheep is going to sell me one of his boards! thanks everyone!
  11. Chelnov

    Trog - Player 3 and 4 harness

    Hey everyone! A few months month ago I finally was able to get a Trog board at a decent price (including the soundboard). The game is great but I want to move the board to my four players cabinet so I can enjoy the game with my Wife and Kids at the same time. Is anyone familiar with the player...
  12. Chelnov

    What do you guys think? Ebay CPS-3 board

    Hey everyone, there is a CPS-3 for sale on eBay that has the following description: Original Capcom CPS-III main circuit board, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Fight for the Future cartridge and Street Fighter III New Generation CD. We found this one in a recent parts bulk purchase, the...
  13. Chelnov

    Namco System 1 screw and bolt set - CAP kits

    Hello everyone, I'm about to get my Namco system 1 Multi and I have a couple of questions as I try to clean and restore the PCB. -There are small screws and bolts (about 1/12' in diameter and about 1 inch long) used to keep the ROM and CPU boards secure, I have seen these screws in other...
  14. Chelnov

    Question about New purchase System 16b

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a Shinobi board in ebay... It has not arrived yet. any recommendations about any useful mods that I can do on it? I was thinking of getting the Multi for it, Also it has one of those encrypted CPUs. do you know how long do you have on those to switch the...
  15. Chelnov

    Solved: Neo-Geo MVS MV-1C Component Question

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone can tell me the value of a component. The component is marked on the board as PC1 and is to the upper left corner of the BIOS chip. next to the PIN 40. If anyone can tell me what that component it's it will be really appreciated Context: I was...
  16. Chelnov

    Solved: Darksoft Multi - I get audio but no video

    Hello everyone, I just installed a darksoft multi kit in a MvC B board. I removed the infinikey in the B board installed the Darksoft Multi kit. All appears to work with the Multi Kit but after flashing the rom on the B Board I can hear the audio of the game but can't see the video! its a solid...
  17. Chelnov

    WTB - Trog

    Hello everyone, If anyone has a Trog board I will be very interesting in purchasing it. I need both boards (Main and sound) as well as the connecting ribbon please. Thanks!
  18. Chelnov

    Hello from Atlanta/Madrid

    Hello everyone! I'm from Madrid, Spain but because of my job (I work for an american company) I live 10 month out of the year In Atlanta, GA. I loved arcades for a long time and I have been collecting MAME roms since it's beginnings. I spent most of my childhood in the neighborhood arcade. My...