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  1. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    What is this jamma usb adapter daughter board?

    I've seen this one on yahoo auction. It looks lik an adapter jamma board that allow you to hook up usb controllers into it. I am wondering who made it and if possible anyone selling something similar like this
  2. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Dark Staker 3 for CPS2??

    Not so much familiar with this whole darkstalker game line up for cps2,but from what i've read, the Vampire Saviour released in Japan for CPS2 has two deviation called Vampire Saviour 2 and Vampire Hunter 2. Both deviations have different rosters, but none of these version have complete roster...
  3. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Vewlix Side Decal Artwork (for all models from F to SFV CE version)

    Vewlix Side Decal Artwork (including model F, L, L AMI, Diamond Blue, Diamond Black, C, SFV CE) Enjoy and share around Download file at Github
  4. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Vewlix All Decals for your Vewlix/Chewlix cab

    Vewlix cab decals artwork. Feel free to use to print your own decal for your cab P.S. These decals should not be sold for hundreds of dollars online. Download it here:
  5. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Vewlix Insert Coin design (C,F,D version included) DOWNLOAD NOW

    I was looking around for Insert Coin decal for my Chewlix and could not find anything around for free. Some are selling it on etsy. As graphic designer, I refuse to pay single cent for something that should be given out for free. So here you go, it took me few hours to trace it up. Print ready...
  6. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    FS: Roland SC-55 with SB-55 combo (Midi sound generator for DOS games and Sharp x68k games)

    FS: Roland SC-55 with SB-55 Price: $300USD + shipping This can be used with many classic MS DOS games (Doom, Monkey Island, etc...) or with Sharp X68000 games (castlevania, super street fighters 2, etc...). Both devices are in mint condition. If you are interested, please PM.
  7. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    CPS2 SSF2X with "Z" logo from prototype mod?

    I've been wondering if there is any romhack out there that will revert the intro logo to Super Street Fighter 2Z Ultimate Champion ship as per screenshot?
  8. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Anyone have attempted to make their own Nesica server yet?

    Got this Final Fantasy Theatrhythm cab for a year now. Pretty much i can play it offline but there will be no connection to nesica thus all the game progress are not saved at all. Which makes the game not as fun as it's intended. Been wondering if anyone in the community have try to reverse...
  9. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Aesthetically convert Chewlix into Taito Vewlix C

    I just got myself a chewlix in red and black colour. Next step for me is to find all the components to convert this into a Vewlix C alike cab. - I am planning to make a new control panel overlay to match the Vewlix C. - For the topper, anyone here know where i can buy the Vewlix C topper? The...
  10. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Vewlix C control panel overlay scan or photos?

    Hi, can any vewlix C owner kindly share the scan or the high resolution photos of the control panel? (from top down angle) thanks I am thinking of making a repo but cant get an accurate photos reference.
  11. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    [E-Instruction card] using e-ink color display for instruction card in Candy cab

    I've been wondering about the feasibility to build a color e-ink instruction card for candy cab. The advantage of e-ink is that even when the device is off, the image will not be cleared up which mimic the actual paper instruction card. Combined with some small back lit led like they used in...
  12. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    [Help] TTX2 Clone (Dell Optiplex 780SFF with Geforce 7900GS)

    Hi, I've been trying to setup a TTX2 using Dell Optiplex 780SFF. I got Geforce 7900GS flashed (based on neko's tutorial) I got HDD loaded up with Neko's TGM3 img Upon bootup, it seems that things are working. But then I still have no idea how to plug the Taito Type X I/O card into Dell Optiplex...
  13. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    [Question] What's best way to clone HDD from TTX3?

    I have FF Rhythm game (TTX3), I would like to make a backup of the HDD by cloning it to an image. What's best method/software to clone the whole HDD that you guys can recommend? Thank you so much
  14. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    [RESOLVED] Darksoft CPS2 Multi kit - graphic glitch vertical jail bars

    My Setup What I've done Reseated the board Make sure all the pins are pushed down tightly and there nothing loose Flash different games to test out but all the games I tested yield the same results
  15. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    multi game Nintendo VS. Unisys PCB?

    It would be nice if there is a Darksoft Multi Nintendo VS. Unisys. Right now, so much manual work to clear eproms and copy new game data to eproms then put em back.
  16. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    [CLOSED] Could not figure out why my CPS2 Darksoft kit not working

    Hi, these are all the steps that i've done: 1. Suicide the board - (checked) 2. Remove all the EEPROM - (checked) 3. I've solder the jumper accordingly to the guide and check using Multimeter - (checked) SOOS SO OSOSOS SOSOSOSO SOSOSOSO 4. Install Pal G I've removed the...
  17. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Weirdest thing i've seen to date.... Famicom with Jamma RGB

    Just saw this auction on yahoo auction jp. I've never seen anything like this before. Is it even a straight up RGB signal or just convert composite signal? it's very interesting board nonetheless
  18. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Got myself a Taito Type X I/O card, what's next?

    Well i finally got Taito type X I/O Card and I am planning to build a clone based on my old Duo Core Gigabyte Motherboard. Upon looking at the motherboard, I just could not figure out where each cables from Taito Type X I/O Card should go to. Can you guys please...
  19. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Nanao CRT Chassis Daughter Board that has multiple presets

    For people who have multiple jamma boards hooking up to JAMMA SWITCH BOARD that allow them to switch to different gameboard in the same cabinet, they would normally have to manually adjust the pots on daughter board to make sure that the crt screen looks optimised for each gameboard accordingly...
  20. SelfDeniedHoarderz

    Still not sure if this B-Board from Super Street Fighter 2 is compatible with Darksoft CPS2 Multi

    I have a B-board Super Street Fighter 2 that I would like to use as donor board for Darksoft Multi CPS2. From what I can see on the mainboard: 93646B-4 (Revision 4) PAL (BGSB3) ---> not even sure about this as I dont think it is F-Pal or G Pal. I am just...