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  1. yuro

    WTB: Taito E3018350A Joystick Bracket (2 of em)

    Looking for 2 of these joystick brackets. Thanks!
  2. yuro

    Fast IO to Jammafier to JVSPAC2 in a Vewlix?

    Guys, I got to thinking... If I plug my control panel (joystick and buttons) into the Fast IO and then using the JAMMA edge to plug into a Jammafier (to convert JAMMA > JVS), and then connect to the JVSPAC2 to allow me to control things on a PC. This is really just for inputs. Sound and Video...
  3. yuro

    Help me try and resurrect this CPS1 SF2WW JAMMA board.

    Hey guys! Love all the community here. Now I'm in need of your help. I bought this CPS1 board dirt cheap as it wouldn't boot. No sound, no video, but the OSSC says there is a correct 15khz signal and shows a flat black screen. B and C Board A Board B Board C Board Close up B Board ROMS...
  4. yuro

    Fast I/O PCBs

    I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of various Fast I/O boards. Context: Just about to pick up a Vewlix F (from KC) and want to make it into full Fast I/O for Niko's Multi, Steam and Fightcade. Already have Nesica RFID usb reader and this Fast I/O card for PC. Which of these below do...