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  1. kioku25

    Sega Lindbergh PSU -> JVS wiring loom [LCA-60027]

    Could someone help me out with the pinout for the Sega LCA-60027 wiring harness, that allows JVS boards to be powered by the Lindy's PSU? Haven't had much luck finding someone who'd be willing to part with his, so I'm having to resort to building my own.
  2. kioku25

    WTB: Triforce III NetBoot Zero Key/Null PIC

    Looking for the NetBoot version of the Zero Key for my Triforce Type 3. Would prefer to buy from someone in Europe, to save on shipping.
  3. kioku25

    Positive Feedback for hursit

    Swooped up his Tekken 5 DR. Game was sent tracked, insured and arrived here in just ten days. Communication was smooth as well. Would definitely buy from him again.
  4. kioku25

    WTB: Taito G-Net Mod BIOS 2011

    Can anyone (preferably someone on my side of the pond) hook me up with the 2011 Mod BIOS for the G-Net?
  5. kioku25

    WTB: Naomi CN12 to USB cable

    I wanna power my Raspberry Pi through the CN12 connector on the Naomi's Filter Board. Does anyone know where I can find such a CN12 to USB cable?
  6. kioku25

    WTB: ATX to NAOMI converter cable

    Does anyone, preferably from Europe, have one of these for sale?