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  1. PlayYing

    System 573 Games Patched to not need Security Cart

    Came through better than I expected externally, internally it's a rats nest. Of course going to start with replacing power supply and sourcing momentary pedals.
  2. PlayYing

    18" Mini Cute Tube/Chassis. Neo SC-19, New Net City panels and power supplies

    I'd like to be second in line if @nonosto passes on the nnc panel.
  3. PlayYing

    FS Blue & White Chewlix SOLD

    Congrats on the baby. I have the same setup, well worth the price, Glws!
  4. PlayYing

    Naomi Maple Adapters Available from Mitsurugi-w

    You can always play with my monkey ball.
  5. PlayYing

    Game Saru Japan Container Import Megathread (check regularly for updates!)

    I quite like the videos of @Careth climbing over cabinets, it's like is my cabinet in there? will he fall? How does he get over that?
  6. PlayYing

    System 573 Games Patched to not need Security Cart

    Well just bought me a Steering Champ project . Will report back once I get it, wish me luck!
  7. PlayYing

    Intel Canyon Hades gaming PC w/Nesica Emulation SOLD

    I have this exact model! Love it and it is egpu compatible!
  8. PlayYing

    SOLD: 2x Brook UFB Universal Fighting Board

    I'll take them please
  9. PlayYing

    FS: Namco V329 NA-JV I/O for Time Crisis 4

    Interested in the gun sense and sega io
  10. PlayYing

    ***sold*** WTS Sega 18 wheeler candy cab Colorado Springs

    Is it though? I thought this is only good for Route 66? IIRC CrazyTaxi/Jumbo cabs can play Initial D, outurn 2 etc. Still crazy good deal though.
  11. PlayYing

    FS: Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 5.18.2021

    What does the sf3 look like? what version is it? 3rd strike?
  12. PlayYing


    please put me down for one with the ir remote please and thank you
  13. PlayYing

    Saturn (boxed), Egret 3 official panels, SC19 Screen Cover (oem).

    Hit me up once you got a price on 4 slot
  14. PlayYing

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    I'm all for regional shipments. I just upgraded operations to a larger expandable base of operations with huge open bay doors right off i95. Ill lend my space for any Florida /Georgia shipments.
  15. PlayYing

    FS: DARKSOFT CPS2 Multi Kit

    I don't need another one.... right?
  16. PlayYing

    All gone

    That AVS is the best!
  17. PlayYing

    REPRICED FS , Aero City panel , Cps2 A-Boards ,Cps3 stuff Mvs Carts , Naomi Romboards capcom i/o board

    Need a I/I Naomi is jvs. I would recommend the capcom I/o or sega type 2