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  1. Murray

    Source Code for a bunch of Midway arcade games on Github - WWF/SmashTV/NBA JAM/REVX + More!

    This popped up on a news site i read. I'm sure this will interest someone here.
  2. Murray

    PSA: Taito Shutdown some Servers for TTX3 GAMES

    April 1st Taito shutdown the online servers for the following games. Gunslinger 3 Stratos Dissidia Final Fantasy Theatrythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival Dissidia is now basically reduced to a paperweight game because with no online the game only has tutorial mode. Theatrythm is differnt...
  3. Murray

    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff

    Lets post all the info about the TTX3 systems here in this thread, and we can chat in this thread about them. Posts are so scattered and it makes it so difficult to find good info and pictures. I've been playing around with the TTX3 system lately and i have a bunch of info i would like to post...
  4. Murray

    Atomiswave Metal slug 6 ported to Dreamcast!!

    Not my work, just sharing a link someone else shared!
  5. Murray

    Playing TTX2 multi on the TTX3 hardware

    So i recently picked up 2 of those TTX3 motherboard and DMAC cards that were on YHJ for $10 or something like that. They were impulse buys, but i figured why not, it's only a few dollars. The guy has been selling them for a long time, he seems to have run out now. Anyways, i wanted to see if...
  6. Murray

    NEEDED: Taito Type X 3 DMAC Card 32 Bit drivers! Does anyone have them?

    As the title says, chasing the TTX3 Dmac card 32 bit drivers. I've seen several references around the forum saying that they exist, but as yet I haven't been able to find them. I have found a 64bit driver, but i need the 32 bit drivers. Thanks in advance.
  7. Murray

    Does this IO work with Taito Type X 2 / Niko Multi?

    EDIT: Yes, this IO does work with the NIko TTX2 multi.You It doesn't have the drivers for this piece of hardware installed inside the image. You will need the attached 32 bit drivers on the hdd to make it work. You'll need to unlock nikos multi to install the driver and that's it. It will...
  8. Murray

    ATOMISWAVE - Hardware Catalog Thread

    Just wanted to make a thread to document the Atomiswave hardware pieces that were available for the system, we can also discuss the hardware here. I'll keep updating the info for the parts as we discuss what they were used for. I know a lot of this information is scattered around, it would be...
  9. Murray

    Is this a bad idea? Switching PSU load question.

    So, I have a groovymame cab that i will be using a lot. It's running video and controls through the JPAC. All works well there. My question is, in my Namco Exceleena cab, with original wiring and PSU, I know i'm not supposed to run the PSU with no load on it, and that's what happens with the...
  10. Murray

    CPS2 Battery Change Day

    Got around to changing the batteries in all my CPS2 boards today. I wanted to install new battery holders for easy future change, and also replace the batteries that were installed with fresh ones. Oddly enough, almost all these boards still had their original batteries dated 1993 - 1994 and...
  11. Murray

    Ghosts n Goblins / Makaimura pcb fault? Help!

    I've got an original Makaimura Japanese PCB here. The game generally works fine, but it has this flash glitch in level 2, and i'm not sure if this is a problem with the PCB or if it's part of the game? Can anyone who owns an original pcb please play through your pcb to level 2 for me and see if...
  12. Murray

    Faulty Type X 2 - Need Advice!!

    I've got a Type X 2 that has an issue. I'll write the chain of events below. - Type X 2 arrives in working order, bit dirty inside. I remove the cpu heatsink to check thermal grease, it's solid.. I built pc's/server for 15 years for a living so i have some experience in this space, and I know...
  13. Murray

    Can anyone ID this connector?

    Hi guys, i have this connector on the factory wiring for my Namco Exceleena cabinets. It's an extra kick harness for buttons 4 and 5 wired into the the Jamma harness. The problem is, I don't have the female end and i'm trying to track down what connector it is so I can make up some nice wiring...
  14. Murray

    Micro SD Card Extension Cable - No need to open case to change SD card

    Just thought I'd share this. This wasn't my idea, it was mentioned in another thread somewhere. I can't recall exactly where I saw it but credits to those people for alerting me to this! This makes it so you can change the SD card on your CPS2 kit without having to remove the cps2 kit from your...
  15. Murray

    Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets.

    Manual scan for the Exceleena II cabinet HERE Picked these 2 Namco Exceleena cabinets up recently. Going to do a bit of a restore on both of them. The blue one is already very nice, so that will mainly get a clean up...