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  1. oneleaf86

    [SOLD] IREM M72 Air Duel - Multi - Game selector

    I've decided to sell my M72 set up as it's just not getting much use at the moment. This is a full multi set up that has been converted from an Air Duel and includes the original Air Duel ROMS. Comes with rotary game selector and is ready to go! PCBs are in excellent condition albeit a little...
  2. oneleaf86

    [SOLD] Various PCBs - System 18 - System 32 - Taito F2

    Hey guys, I have a few boards up for sale. All prices are in Australian dollars. Payment is to be made via PayPal gift or +4%. The Australian dollar is currently as low as it's been since 2003! -System 18 Alien Storm conversion (includes motherbaord) $350 (around $207 USD) SOLD -System 32...
  3. oneleaf86

    [SOLD] Cyvern (conversion) with Kaneko Supernova Motherboard

    Cyvern conversion set Kaneko Supernova Motherboard with a covnerted Jan Jan paradise Cyvern Cartridge. Fresh Duracell CR2032 installed. Motherboard is in really nice condition. Price is $220 Australian Dollars plus shipping. Payment is to be made via PayPal gift or +4%.
  4. oneleaf86

    [SOLD] HAS - Home Arcade System - Mean Well Q-120B PSU - Tim Worthington DIN to SCART Cable

    HAS Setup Hey guys, I'm not utilizing any of this stuff so I've decided to move it on. Included is a HAS V3.2 with rubber feet attached, Mean Well Q-120B PSU with rubber feet attached and Tim Worthington SCART Cable. Price is $250 Australian Dollars plus shipping. Payment is to be made via...
  5. oneleaf86


    FIRE SHARK PCB In really great condition. Plays perfectly. $680 AUD plus shipping via Paypal gift or +4% ">">">">">
  6. oneleaf86

    [SOLD] PGM Motherboard with Espgaluda, Ketsui & Daioujou

    PGM CAVE BUNDLE Fully working PGM Motherboard with all three converted CAVE titles. Sold for $800.
  7. oneleaf86

    [FS] MiSTer FPGA IO Boards & SRAM Boards

    MiSTer FPGA Add-ons Totally forgot I even made these! :rolleyes: Up for grabs are 6 x V5.5 IO Boards and 8 x SRAM Boards. IO Boards come with: Heatsink backed with 3M thermal adhesive 3 x Fan mounting screws with nuts JST 2 pin fan cable All prices are in Aussie Dollarydoos. $60 for IO...
  8. oneleaf86

    Send help! TAITO F2 poor image quality

    Recently I've been picking up some TAITO F2 PCBs from YAJ but have noticed that the RGB output is some of the worst I've seen. I currently have both the short and long F2 motherboards and a bunch of games. Ended up with two copies of Runark/Growl which both show severe ghosting and is the same...
  9. oneleaf86

    Multi Game Selectors - Build your own!

    SYSTEM 16B C2 & IREM M72 MULTI GAME SELECTORS Uses standard Ethernet to connect remote and adapter 16 position rotary. Reset button. 16B uses a SPST latching push button to change between two sets of 16 games. To connect the reset line, only one wire is needed to be soldered for S16B...
  10. oneleaf86

    Sengoku Blade color issues - Washed out blacks

    I've had this Psikyo PCB for a while now decided to dig it out of my stash to try and get to the bottom of the issue. The game plays 100% but something's not right with the video output as you can see in the attached images. If anyone has any insight as to what could be causing this issue, I'd...
  11. oneleaf86

    [SOLD] Raiden Fighters Jet

    Raiden Fighters Jet Japanese release in excellent physical and working condition. SOLD FOR $249 USD + shipping
  12. oneleaf86

    Positive feedback for Swirl

    Just wanted to say thanks to @Swirl for getting the Mushihimesama PCB to me in perfect order. Great friendly service, would definitely recommend :)
  13. oneleaf86

    G'day from Melbourne Australia

    Hello! My name is Isy and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I've been lurking here for a while and thought it was about time I introduced myself. I'm 31 years old and have been a massive video game fan since I can remember and also grew up around some awesome Arcades. Currently I'm restoring an...