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    New Astro sticker

    i sent you a pm
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    New Astro sticker

    Ok, msg sent , wait and see :)
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    New Astro sticker

    Sorry @erzane, I'm not the owner, I only dropped off what I found in William Liu's FB photos, and I'm not him :) But, if you want, I can try to contact William, and try to tell you how you can get in touch?
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    New Astro sticker

    Hi, Why you cannot access ?
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    I know there may not be a sequel, but the work is so cool, that I still want to queue up! I wish to have 2 in full version please, even if it is in a long time :) thank you
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    New PGM Website :-)

    It's a great site, even a reference for me. Thanks for your great work, and for sharing!
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    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    Good Morning Vietnam ! I would like to be in waiting list for : V1 *1 V2 *1 Thanks a lot.
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    ST-V multicart game selector with LCD screen

    Hi, i would like to get one please. Thanks.
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    Hi from a French Frog !

    Thank you to everyone ;)
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    Hi from a French Frog !

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    Hi from a French Frog !

    Hi There, First : sorry for my very poor english, i m french, and you know what ;) I read some of your projects, help, Work in progress, etc since some times now, but i never register... ! Now ist done :) in level 50 of my life, and started a new game for the next 100Y maybe 150Y !.. I...