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  1. ggallegos1

    What CRT do you prefer for retro console gaming?

    Apologies, it was a 27". Specifically the KV27-FS100. Looked a lot bigger and definitely weighed a ton
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    What CRT do you prefer for retro console gaming?

    I had a 32" Trinitron before I moved. That thing was a monster but RGB and component on it looked absolutely fantastic.
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    Hello from the UK

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    Hello from France

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    FS: Neo Geo MVS carts ***prices lowered 5-29-21***

    Is that last hope the pink bullets version or original?
  6. ggallegos1

    Can anyone tell me if they've had positive experiences with Yaton?

    I've bought from him, small things like MVS carts. They worked, but rarely came with intact labels and looked like they were dragged through the mud. I would not trust getting a cab from him without knowing that you're going to put in a ton of sweat equity and your potential savings are going...
  7. ggallegos1

    Any PGM Conversion info out there?

    Look up sheep_nova on eBay, they usually have a few conversion carts
  8. ggallegos1

    Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    If the MV1- FSZ and even a PGM version comes to fruition, I'd be in there day 1.
  9. ggallegos1

    New PGM Website :-)

    Wait hold up. You're developing a unibios type thing for the PGM?
  10. ggallegos1

    FS: A few candy cabs up for sale

    If the E2 or Vewlix C is still available during memorial day weekend, i can swing by to pick it up as I'll be in the area.
  11. ggallegos1

    Found CPS 1 / 2 Kick Harnesses

    Check out jammanationx's cps standardized kick harness adapter. I use it on my cab and it helps reduce rewiring and removing wires from buttons if you plan on switching from. CPS to CPS2 to even namco or midway stuff.
  12. ggallegos1

    Lightgun Multi Devices?

    So google isn't helpful right now. There's only two other cabs I want, a Vewlix and some sort of lightgun cabinet. I was curious if anyone has either made a Pi setup or one of those Pandora carts with just lightgun games, and google is showing me a lot of arcade1up stuff. Anyone have one and...
  13. ggallegos1

    Looking to un-phoenix SSF IIX GMC

    I've always wondered what the daughter board was for.
  14. ggallegos1

    NEO-AES3-5 is turning me mad, help please

    Potentially dumb question, are you sure you have no cold solder joints or bridges in that area? If you're fixing the issue by touching it with a screwdriver, it sounds like a circuit issue
  15. ggallegos1

    Neo Geo newcomer

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing how you revive your neo board.
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    Damn that's a good deal, quality stuff. Good luck on the hunt!
  17. ggallegos1

    Axun Workshop - Arcade PSU (Power Supply Unit)

    I'm definitely down to buy these once my PSUs crap out. Not sure if you mentioned it in another thread, are you discontinuing Supergun orders?
  18. ggallegos1

    Hello from VA

    Heard about this site from others on other forums so I thought I'd hop in! My name's Geo, I'm currently in Virginia Beach and am getting deeper into arcade hardware. Currently I have a Neo Geo 2 Slot cabinet with an extra 1-slot as a backup, some CPS2 hardware and a Tekken Tag board all running...