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    ZN2 (Tetris...), CPS2 Multi, ST-V, Flash Gal.

    That's it, I am quitting arcade scene. Prices are without shipping. Shipping to USA is expensive, it's not my fault. Shipping rate you pay me is what I pay to postal office, I don't do margins on shipping. Payment is Paypal F&F. No exception. Prices are € euro. Old mentioned prices in $ dollars...
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    Axun Workshop - Updated chips for custom mapping - EU region official thread

    This is the official thread for the EU users who need to update their 2.0 chips to 2.1. The chips are now on my desk and I am proceeding to make the packages in order to weight them and be able to give exact shipping quotes. The current list for users is: AMS buffi Nomax If you haven't...
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    Positive feedback for Nekojeeta.

    Sold him a CPS1 board and it has been the most pleasant transaction from the start to the end. Thank you! :)
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    [FS] Sales are closed.

    Sales are now closed.
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    Red screen.

    OK, so I have a red screen. :-( Board was working OK before installation. I installed properly, I believe : - all jumpers checked many times - all pins inserted at the maximum - REV 6 board with a PAL G (darksoft), all pins in - SD card formatted fat32, no funny filenames, see SD OK, let me...
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    CPS2 boards revisions per game.

    There is a list of what games used which PAL and I wanna know if such a list exists also for board revisions? Mainly, I am interested to know about Super Street Fighter II X board revision, but I think it can be of some help to not limit ourselves to this only one.
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    First REV, any problem?

    I might get ahold of a first REV B board (Super Street Fighter II); is there any problem or is this an OK board?
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    My name is not Earl.

    Hi, I sometimes drink alcohol.