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    Repairing a 128 Mb Simm

    Hey, sorry if this the wrong place but I have a set of Simms but one of the 128s appears to have had one of the chips removed. (See pic) I’m assuming if I can find a simm (32mb most common available) I could graft one of the chips onto my 128 if it’s the same type as the rest on there? (the...
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    Seibu SPI - Raiden Fighters display issue.

    I recently took a punt on eBay on a “none working” Raiden Fighters setup where the fault was described as “boots to a white screen”. The actual game board is fine as it has been tested on a known working motherboard. I received it this week and the motherboard looks immaculate except for in...
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    Mobo missing components.

    Good morning, I recently took a punt on a motherboard but I haven’t been able to test it yet (waiting for a superbios cart and scsi2sd to arrive). In the meantime I have given the board a visual inspection (obvs I have tested it in a cab, I just get a black screen) and it looks like it is...
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    WTB: Raiden DX

    Hello! I’m after picking up a Raiden DX pcb. Not bothered about which region but I’d like a first revision with the normal (none downgraded) sound. Think any pre 1996 revision is ok? If you have one you’d like to sell, lemme know. Thanks!
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    CPS2 GPAL Chip

    Hello, I’ve ordered a Darksoft CPS2 Multi kit but forgot to add the GPAL Chip. It doesn’t look like I can buy one individually. Is there anyone who could sell me one please? (UK/Europe preferred, just for postage costs). Thanks!
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    Naomi 2 Mobo - Cleaning/Protecting

    Hello! Apologies if this is covered elsewhere (feel free to point me in the right direction or move the thread to the right place). I'm expecting a Naomi 2 motherboard in the next couple of weeks as a replacement for a unit that developed the flashing checkerboard issue (GPU fault?) and is now...
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    Hi all, just jumping on board, got a couple of new cabs inbound to do up, so looking at what goodies I can pop in them. Cheers!