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    WTB 2x PS360+

    I would like to buy 2x PS360 + and also if possible the adapter for DC controls
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    About Lindbergh Security Pics

    Is it possible to make reproductions of Lindbergh chips?, I know that in Naomi / Triforce / Chihiro if possible I have several loose discs, but I do not have the chips
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    WTB: Sega Lindbergh

    I have a lindb multigame kit, but i need a motherboard So, i´m looking for a Lindb motherboard + power supply
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    Compatibility between House of Dead 1 motherboard y Virtua Cop 2 rom board

    I have a HOD 1 cabinet with a HOD 1 motherboard (100% working), i have the possibility to buy Virtua Cop 2 rom board. My doubt is: It´s possible to put the VC 2 rom board in the HOD 1 motherboard and play it? And Virtua Cop 1? Regards
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    doubt about sega model 3 (how to power it)

    HI, i have a model 3 motherboard (lost world) and i want to test it, i have a monitor (24hz) but mi doubt is about how to power the motherboard. Here is the pinouts esquimatics. What pins do I have to power to make it work?, only to see if works, no need buttons or other CN13? or others?
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    Wanted: Sega Twin Cabinet Wiring

    i´m looking for this wiring, necessary to join the 2 driving cabinets
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    WTB Naomi 1 & 2 gd-rom and carts

    i´m looking for this Naomi 1&2 games GD-Roms GDL-0012 253-5509-5083 CLEOPATRA FORTUNE PLUS GDL-0016 POCHINYA GDL-0027 CHAOS FIELD EXPORT GDS-0029 253-5508-0358 CLUB KART CYCRAFT EDITION GDS-0030 253-5508-0363 DRAGON TREASURE Carts...
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    Looking for Sega Naomi pics

    Hi, i´m looking for security key to these naomi games: Capcom vs snk 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (GDL-007A) Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned (GDS-0036D) x2 Melty Blood Act Cadenza (GDL-0028) Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B (GDL-0039A) Guilty Gear XX Reload (GDL-0019) I´m from Spain, tell me if...