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    Reading 63S081N PROM - Need Help

    I tried to read 635081N PROM with with TL866II-Plus but I couldn't find the IC with Search Device. Is it possible to read this type of PROM with this programmer?
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    Toshiba Pure Flat D29C051 Questions

    Guys, Recently I picked up a New Net City with Toshiba Pure Flat D29C051 monitor. I tested it and it worked fine but the contrast of red color is kind of more dominant than other colors. I guess it's a matter of adjusting red color contrast. After I opened the monitor case, I have these...
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    Positive Feedback for MegaIndo

    I bought several MVS carts from Mega Indo recently. The carts arrived pretty fast considering the distance from where he shipped them from. I checked all carts with and they're legit. I also tested the carts briefly and all worked good. In terms of pricing, items cost + shipping...
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    Found: Nintendo VS PPU

    I'm looking for a working Nintendo VS PPU. Prefer RP2C04-0002 but other PPU is fine too. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you.
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    Need help identifying a PCB Component (1038 1AM)

    Anyone knows what this component is and where to buy. I attached the picture. I recently got a Technos PCB with one of these components damaged. I haven't fired the pcb up yet and thinking maybe I should replace the component first. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Can anyone burn me EPROMs for CPS1 SF2 WW?

    Hi all, I purchased a CPS1 Street Fighter 2 World Warrior PCB a year ago and wasn't realized it's a hacked Thunder version. It plays like this: I'm thinking to restore to its original version. I would like to see if replacing all EPROMs marked with...
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    Midway Terminator 2 Unit Y - Need Help with Powering the System

    Hi All, I just got Midway Terminator 2 Unit Y arcade PCB set recently and have zero knowledge about wiring Midway arcade system. Please advice what parts I need to get to power the system. Thank you all in advance.
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I joined this forum to learn about Arcade systems and get help with systems I own. Hopefully I can get a real Arcade cabinet in the future.