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    WTB 1-1 Government and/or Rival Schools 1

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has a copy of Rival Schools and/or 1 on 1 government they'd be willing to part with. Basically just looking for those two or, some way of getting a multi with them on them, but I believe this isn't possible for either of them.
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    CPS3 sound and video issues

    Hello all, finally got around to having a full session with my CPS3 board playing 3s yesterday and found some sort of intermittent issues. First, the sound works sometimes and sometimes will cut out. Switching audio from external to JAMMA and back fixes for a while but then it dies again. Using...
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    WTB: Blast City Compatible Chassis

    Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a working Wei-ya or Nanao MS-2930/2931 chassis to go in my blast city cab as a replacement while I work on repairing the one that came with my cab. Does anyone have one or a source where I could purchase one?
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    Hello Everyone

    So looking back through my profile, it appears as though I never posted here when I joined initially. Let's fix that! I'm from Atlanta and really into Fighting games and Shmups. I've had a big red 2-slot forever, and recently purchased a couple of Blasts for playing 3s and CvS2(along with a...
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    Nanao 2931 Not Working

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased two Blast City cabs from KC with 2931's in them. A friend of mine visually guaranteed they both worked before shipment, but upon arrival one of them has no image, the other still works fine but it's a bit dim and the colors are fairly muted. I pulled the...