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    CPS2 digital av CPS3

    Another CPS2 digital av install on a CPS3 for a friend that runs tournaments for 3rd strike. CPS3 digital AV for Jazzy
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    MS9-29 Astro issues

    Guys hopefully my thread doesn't derail and gets deleted again. Had a friend's monitor acting weird and screen smear and sync issues. After opening and recapping I noticed tons of electrolytic leakage and as I was cleaning solder mask was coming off all over. There was also a few pads missing...
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    CPS2 digital av cps1

    cps2 digital av install on a cps1 for a friend.
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    Neo Geo U4/25

    Got a friend in Chicago that got a 25" neo candy and wants to know if there is a cap kit for his chassis and a with coil replacement.
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    CPS3 with bad Character Ram

    Guys any idea where on the board the character ram is? Have a friends board that even though the darksoft menu shows fine and it writes a game fine the graphics show up all garbled up. I went through the normal channels first, took out all the sims and cleaned them using a rubber eraser then...
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    Push Buttons on lcd panel

    Hi there guys. My friend has a multikit but unfortunately one of his buttons snap, I wanna replace it for him but do not know the exact measurements of said button. Anyone on here know it and can please tell me? I already found plenty 4 pin momentary push buttons on ebay but I rather not pull...
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    Solved Virtua fighter 3 Rev C

    Hi there guys. I recently rewired an original virtua fighter 3 jvs blast city harness to use outside the cab. I have a VF 3 TB board and my friend has a VF 3 Rev C board. We tested 3TB and it worked fine, his the rev c on the other hand was running strangely. The video was in slow motion and so...